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More than a feeling...

Boston is an American group formed in 1976 in Boston precisely and originally composed of Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, Jim Masdea, Fran Sheehan, Sib Hashian and Barry Goudreau. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 75 million records around the world to date.

Group which released their eponymous first album the same year and for a first try, it is a real masterstroke. The album was a huge hit, so much so that it made one of the best starts of all time for a first album across the Atlantic. Album from which will be extracted mainly the huge single "More than a feeling".

New album "Don’t look back" two years later in 1978, an album of lesser success but still very successful. Album whose flagship single will be the title of the same name as the album.

The production of their new album "Third stage" will take 8 years, a delay partly due to conflicts of interest on the one hand with the labels, and on the other hand with the band's co-manager Paul Hern. "Third stage" did not come out until 1986 and despite all these wasted years, the group managed to regain success without too much difficulty.

A notorious success to be credited to the enormous single "Amanda", the flagship title of the group which remains to this day their biggest single discographic success, just that.

Embellished of short duration since it will pass another 8 years before the release of the next album "Walk on" in 1994. An album which will be the last major from the group and which will struggle to produce a single by large caliber. Only the title “I need your love” will succeed.

The adventure will continue during the decade 2000 and 2010 but the group will never find again the level of success reached in the late 1970s and mid 1980s.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • More than a feeling 1976

  • Long time 1977

  • Peace of mind 1977

  • Don’t look back 1978

  • A man I'll never be 1978

  • Feelin’ satisfied 1979

  • Amanda 1986

  • We’re ready 1986

  • Cool the engines 1987

  • Can’tcha say (You believe in me) 1987

  • I need your love 1994


Clips :

1976 ... first title and...first global mega hit ! The group makes a crazy start here and sees himself projected in a sensational way to say the least on the front of the international music scene. HU-GE !

1977 ... after a noticeable start, the group will have to confirm all the good we can think of him. And the thing will turn out to be a little more complicated to demonstrate than expected ...

1977 ... the year 1977 is not really going to look like 1976 unfortunately. We have the impression that the group gave everything in their first title. Beware of leaving the road prematurely ...

1978 ... fortunately, the group recovered quickly and returned to the race with this title. We suspected that with such potential the group would not disappear as quickly as he had arrived ...

1978 ... this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor but allows the group to continue quietly on its little path. The essential is preserved !

1979 ... new air hole in 1979 with a new unscrewing in the Charts. The group constantly alternates inspired song and medium level song. This will be the 2nd category for this year 1979 ...

1986 ... the group will purely and simply disappear from the radar for 7 years, something totally incomprehensible. To better come back to this year 1987 and deliver what will remain as their biggest record success, just that ! It was worth the wait 7 years. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... but as always with them, any major success is followed by a direct relapse into the Charts. This year 1986 will unfortunately not escape ...

1987 ... playing it in boost mode may not be the best solution to find favor with the general public, that's clear. Attention danger...

1987 ... they just need to slow down the tempo and things improve significantly. Like what, few things are enough to change the giving concerning them ...

1994 ... then again big 7 years air hole. It becomes a mania with them. This second air hole will unfortunately be the last. The group signs here its last notorious hit and is preparing at the same time to bow out ...


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