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Mirror, mirror, my beautiful mirror...

Dollar is an English duo formed in 1978 and composed of David Van Day and Thereza Bazar. Duo who meet when they are only 17 years old during an audition for the Cabaret Guys ‘n’ Dolls revue.

They released a first single "Shooting Star" the same year and for a first try, it was a masterstroke. The single made a real worldwide hit and propelled the duo to the front of the stage in a shattering way. A flagship single from the album of the same name, which was released a year later in 1979.

New album "Paris collection" in 1980, album which unfortunately did not experience the success of its predecessor. Only the single "Takin’ a chance on you" will struggle.

The albums follow each other but are not necessarily alike. The proof with the album "The dollar album", album which was released in 1982 and this time produced by Trevor Horn (the same one behind the creation of the huge group Buggles).

A providential change of production since the album will remain as the best ranked of all and will produce no less than 5 top hits, the best ranked of which will remain "Mirror mirror (Mon amour)" which was released a year earlier in 1981. And to a lesser extent "Give me back my heart" released the same year as the album.

Unfortunately relations within the duo deteriorated very quickly from 1983 and Van Day preferred to throw in the towel. Each will then try the solo career on his side but without success. Suddenly, the group reformed 3 years later in 1986.

A re-formation that will not allow the duo to return to the race despite a last hit "Oh l'amour" in 1987.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s  Decade :

  • Shooting star 1978

  • Who where you in the moonlight 1979

  • Love’s gotta hold on me 1979

  • I wanna hold your hand 1979

80s  Decade :

  • Takin’ a chance on you 1980

  • Hand held in black and white 1981

  • Mirror mirror (Mon amour) 1981

  • Ring ring 1982

  • Give me back my heart 1982

  • Videotheque 1982

  • Give me some kinda magic 1982

  • We walked in love 1986

  • Haven't we said goodbye before 1986

  • O l’amour 1987

  • It's nature's way (No problem) 1988


Tracks :

1978 ... a startling, to say the least, with a first global hit as an appetizer. It promises !

1979 ... surprisingly, the rest will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected. The level of success will seriously drop a notch and be limited only to the UK ...

1979 ... whatever the case, the duo is familiar with the stars across the Channel, that's already it. Many groups in their place would be largely satisfied with it !

1979 ... on the strength of this encouraging start to their career, the duo even allows himself the luxury of resuming a flagship title of the Beatles dating from 1963. The copy is not worth the original but is far from being ridiculous, it's clear

1980 ... a start to the 1980s that is nowhere near what they experienced in terms of success at the end of the previous decade. A small air hole that should not last given their potential ...

1981 ... business resumes in this year 1981. Like what, as we imagined, the air gap was short-lived. More fear than harm...

1981 ... a BIG year 1981 with a plethora of titles and a level of success at the top. They sign here quite simply one of their most emblematic titles thanks to a confidence finally regained

1982 ... 1981 was a great year, but that's without counting on 1982, which will undoubtedly remain their best vintage. A year 1982 which started slowly with a first title in the overall ranking modest ...

1982 ... the big hit of the year thanks to this very good Intimist title. Nothing exceptional but good work, isn't that the main thing !

1982 ... 4 titles just for this year 1982 and 4 titles which will end up classified, just that ! Including this one which will remain as one of their most successful titles

1982 ... a really inspired year with 4 very high caliber titles. It is clear that it will be difficult to do better behind ...

1986 ... we suspected that it would be difficult to do better but to disappear for 4 years, it is difficult to understand. Back in this year 1986 in an obvious form but their prolonged absence has somewhat marginalized them. Fatal error...

1986 ... this title will not even be classified, that is to say. Their long absence unfortunately sealed their fate and nothing, and no one, will be able to stop their planned disappearance

1987 ... they try everything for the whole by taking again one of the cult titles of Erasure dating from the previous year. And my faith, the copy is almost worth the original which allows them to obtain an unexpected success to say the least

1988 ... here they are in Hi-NRG mode. Well tried but lost bet with the key to a last little hit. An adventure that will have lasted almost 10 years with a significant number of top hits. Not that bad !


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