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Mind games...

Few interesting information about Tierra except the fact that it is an American group formed in 1972 in Los Angeles by brothers Rudy and Steve Salas. Which will be quickly joined by Rudy Villa, Bobby Navarrete, Joey Guerrera, Steve Falomir, Philip Madayag and Andre Baeza.

Group that will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "Together" which will be released in 1980.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Doorsteps of your world 1973

  • Gema 1973

  • Land of the free 1975

  • Together 1980

  • Memories 1980

  • Givin' up on love 1980

  • My lady 1981

  • La la means I love you 1981

  • Wanna get together again 1981

  • Night creatures 1981

  • Are we in love 1982

  • High on the magic of your love 1982

  • Sonya 1983

  • You’re in love 1985

  • Mind games 1986

  • I want you back 1988

  • Look at me 1989

  • Mean streak 1989

  • Latin lady 1993

  • Make it with you 1993

  • What does it take 1995

  • So much in love 1995

  • Lady in the moonlight 2001

  • Goodbye my love 2001

  • Feels so good to be loved so bad 2005

  • Sex the night 2005

  • Illusions 2007

  • Still in love 2008

  • It just shows how love 2008

  • Nuestra ciudad 2013

  • Passionate storm 2013

  • Gimme a sign 2013

  • Keep it going 2017

  • What did I get myself into now 2017


Clips :

1973...a first title to launch the machine and get a little run-in. Afterwards, if there is success, so much the better if not too bad...

1973 ... on this one it will be rather too bad. After the main thing is to start and no matter the result in the Charts...

1975... what is certain is that South American sounds and rhythms will predominate. A bias that will be as much a strength as a potential brake on a possible planetary success...

1980... they will have taken several years to gain momentum but this year will be the good one in any case. It is with this revisited version of the title of the Intruders dating from 1967 that they will obtain the biggest success of all their discography on the Singles side. HU-GE !

1980...especially since the group displays a versatility of styles that allows them to fly over their subject in an obvious way. An ideal beginning of the 80s decade...

1980...a hybrid title half Intimist half Dance which, as a result, does not fit into any category. The kind of unclassifiable title in the end...

1981...their know-how in the Intimist will quickly become one of their main strengths. They will never produce a major hit in this area but will surely not be ashamed of what they will offer in any case...

1981...this time we know exactly where the title is and that necessarily changes everything. With a nice success listed on the Charts, all good little guys on this one !

1981... what is certain on the other hand is that the group perfectly masters its subject at the beginning of the 80s and it shows. Above all, you can hear it !

1981... after, as they say, when you reach the top of the mountain, you can only go down. This is what the group will learn the hard way later...

1982... for the moment nothing to worry about but it is rather afterwards that things are likely to get tougher. What is certain is that it will not prevent the group from continuing to believe in it...

1982... not everyone is chasing success at all costs, that's for sure. The main thing is to have fun and in this case, it is !

1983...on the albums side, the group will experience a slight air hole until 1989 but on the Singles side, the adventure continues. Certainly dotted but it continues... soon as they can play in the Intimist category, they take obvious pleasure in it. And this since their debut and it's going to last like that for another hell of a lot of years...

1986...which doesn't prevent them from continuing to produce Dance titles that hold up anyway. Anyway, we'll be happy with that...

1988 ... here they are revisiting the flagship title of Jackson 5 dating from 1969. A Latin version which at least has the merit of originality even if it will not surpass the original in terms of quality ... end of the decade that will once again come together with finesse. And given what they produce in this area, we can only encourage them to continue on this path...

1989... they will also take the opportunity to remind that they also know how to do on the Dance side. We imagine that if there is a transition to the next decade, there should not be much change in terms of style and sound...

1993... the production of titles will slow down somewhat during the 90s but the adventure continues in any case. We must not forget that they produced their first titles in 1973, hence an already busy career...

1993...the years pass, as do the decades, but what is certain is that they are still as effective in the Intimist of large caliber. Hope it lasts !

1995...the production of titles will be done mainly in the middle of the decade. There are times when we are particularly inspired and others less...

1995...even in Latin mode, they provide finesse and lightness. A group that will have known how to combine exotic influences and classic standards in the best possible way...

2001...the group tries to move on to the next decade without asking too many questions. He continues to unfroll in his favorite style and especially in the way he judges to be the best for him in any case...

2001...the only problem is that not wanting - or not wanting to - evolve that de facto marginalizes them. Which doesn't seem to bother them anyway... least they please their core fans. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else. It's up to everyone to make up their own mind about it...

2005... anyway, the band is almost 30 years old. A longevity of which they can in any case be proud and which necessarily encourages them not to let go, that's for sure...

2007...they revisit here their finest Intimist titles and show once again that in this area they are rock solid. We definitely want more !

2008...always and again quality in 'emotional' titles. Too bad they didn't manage to produce a huge title in this area because they deserved much more recognition than what it will be in the end... with them nothing is ever over, we can easily imagine that this decade 2000 will not be the last, far from it...

2013 ... we are still at 4 decades of career, which is not nothing all the same. Certainly the group will not remain as one of the leaders of its generation but he is still there in any case. Isn't that the main thing...?'s clear that a bunch of other bands that started at the same time as them have already hung up their gloves a long time ago and they haven't. A will to exist at all costs which indisputably commands respect !

2013...impossible to say how far the group will go. Each time it can be the last title or not at all. They are the ones who decide...

2017...the proof, here they are again ! Who would have believed in 1973 that they would still be there 44 years later ? Not many people, that's for sure...

2017 ... so we imagine that this title is not likely to be the last again. To be continued or not, only them know the answer...


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