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Midnight Star is an American band formed in 1976 and consists of Reggie Calloway, Belinda Lipscomb, Melvin Gentry, Kenneth Gant, Bill Simmons, Bo Watson and Jeff Cooper.

They released their first album "The beginning" in 1980. Album with modest success.

It was a year later, in 1981, that they experienced their first success with the release of the album "Standing together", notably thanks to the flagship single "I’ve been watching you".

In 1982, the album "Victory" was released, from which the single hit "Hot spot" was mainly extracted.

The year 1983 will be the year of the consecration with the release of the album "No parking on the dance floor" which will produce many of their biggest hits with tracks like "Freak-A-Zoid" and the single of the same name as the album. Album which will be certified Double Platinum !

And it was the year 1984 that finally brought them their biggest single commercial success with the flagship track "Operator", taken from the album "Planetary invasion".

Their last major success was in 1986 with the single "Midas touch", featured on the album "Headlines".

Other albums will be released later but without knowing the same level of recognition as the previous ones.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Make it last 1980

  • I’ve been watching you 1981

  • Tuff 1981

  • Hot spot 1982

  • Freak-A-Zoid 1983

  • Wet my whistle 1983

  • Slow jam 1983

  • No parking (On the Dance floor) 1984

  • Operator 1984

  • Scientific love 1985

  • Headlines 1986

  • Midas touch 1986

  • Engine N° 9 1986

  • Don't rock the boat 1988

  • Snake in the grass 1988

  • Do it (One more time) 1990

Clips :

1980 ... at the crossroads of Disco and Funk. A hybrid track and a first hit, admittedly minor, but still a hit

1981 ... a funk sound which has been refined and which allows the group to impose himself more and more as one of the rising values of the moment

1981 ... the rise in power is evident even if this title will not remain as their top ranked. Let's be patient, the best is yet to come !

1982 ... after several minor hits, the time has come for recognition and major hits

1983 ... a year 1983 which will give them their first 2 mega hits. Added to this is the start of planetary recognition that was still missing from their charts

1983 ... like an aftertaste of Kool and the Gang. Anyway, on this title, the copier is worth the copied. And the icing on the cake, they get their first hit across the Channel !

1983 ... come on, just for fun, even if this title was not ranked, it at least shows that the group could also excel in Ultimate Slow !

1984 ... the hits follow one another at top speed. The group now plays with the Greatest without any complexes

1984 ... which will surely remain as their biggest hit. A global success which rewards years of definite qualitative development !

1985 ... some hit Dance, always and again. A favorite area from which they hardly leave. A foray into the Intimist domain would be welcome ...

1986 ... after a big year 1983, here comes a big year 1986. Another big caliber hit which once again confirms their status as heavyweight of US Dance

1986 ... paradoxically, it will not be their highest ranked title but rather their best known. Here they sign a HUGE hit Dance which will undeniably remain as one of the most inspired of the decade

1986 ... a 3rd top hit to end the year in style. A group at the height of its art and possibilities

1988 ... inexhaustible ! 8 years almost at the top and a succession of top class hits of which they can be proud !

1988 ... the last major hit. It couldn't go on forever, that's clear. Either way, a top notch career !

1990 ... the group will not pass the course of the 90s. And delivers here a last high class title to end in style

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