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Michelle, Angie or Suzy...

Suzy Q is a Canadian concept-project created by Jerry Cucuzzella and will have Michelle Mills and Angie Vileno as main performers.

This group will be remembered especially for their flagship track "Get on up an do it again" released in 1981 and performed by Michelle Mills. Single which will be a real planetary success.

The group enjoyed another notable success in 1986 with the Hi-NRG single "Can’t live without your love".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Get on Up Do It Again 1981

  • Get on up 1982

  • I can’t give you more 1982

  • Come let's have a party 1982

  • Don’t you stop the feeling 1983

  • Harmony 1985

  • Computer music 1985

  • Can’t live without your love 1986

  • Don’t come crying to me 1987

  • Fun fun 1989


Clips :

1981 ... first title and direct mega hit. What will surely remain as one of the biggest dance hits of the year. For a first try, it's a master stroke !

1982 ... of course, this second title will not have the same level of success as the previous one, but it is also serious. Total Dance !

1982 ... it's still Dance too, but difficult to repeat the feat of their debut. We are already falling back into the all-comer ...

1982 ... a year 1982 well below in terms of quality than what 1981 was. And yet, it is not for lack of trying !

1983 ... even if the level of inspiration is very random depending on the titles, that does not prevent the group from continuing on his way ...

1985 ... inspiration is somewhat back. The sound of more has changed, that's obvious. This time, good pick !

1985 ... the total break with previous years is confirmed. We have the impression that we are no longer dealing with the same group !

1986 ... there you have it, not much. The group finally returns to success. After a few years of wandering, the inspiration, the real one, is finally back !

1987 ... the switch to Hi-NRG mode. A phenomenal acceleration of the tempo which boosts a title beyond its limits. Be careful when leaving the road ...

1989 ... one of the last titles. We started Dance, we finished Dance. A full circle, for a group of certain quality, that's clear !


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