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Men of straw...

Sad Lovers And Giants is an English band formed in Watford in 1980 and originally composed of Simon ‘Garçe’ Allard, Tristan Garel-Funk, Cliff Silver, Nigel Pollard and David Wood.

Group which released a mini-album "Clé" in 1981, mini-album which unfortunately went somewhat under the radar.

They will have to wait until 1982 to finally see their efforts rewarded with the release of their first album "Epic Garden Music", which will be their first classified album and above all the only one of their entire career. A year 1982 which also sees them obtain their first success on the single side with the title "Lost in a moment".

Success confirmed in 1983 with the release of the single "Man of straw", a single which is also popular with the public but which will unfortunately be the last classified title of the group.

Because everything that comes out afterwards will not really have the same level of success. Whether it's “Seven kinds of sin” and “White russians” in 1987 or “Cow boys” and “Sleep split” in 1988…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Clé 1981

  • Colourless dream 1982

  • Lost in a moment 1982

  • Man of straw 1983

  • Seven kinds of sin 1987

  • White Russians 1987

  • Return to clocktower lodge 1987

  • Cow boys 1988

  • Godless soul 1990

  • My heart's on fire 1990

  • Beauty is truth 2018


Clips :

1981 ... a first quality title which already shows a more than obvious potential. After that, what will the group do with this famous potential, good question ...

1982 ... the road to recognition will be longer than expected a priori. This title will also go under the radar. Patience, patience then ...

1982 ... it is THIS title which will bring the group its first classified title. Certainly in the Independent Charts but it's always better than nothing as they say ...

1983 ... a beginning of recognition which is confirmed with this title. A title that will remain as their best ranked of all and which above all allows them to write their name in the musical legend of the twentieth century. In any case, it must keep it right ...

1987 ... then nothing for 4 years. The beginnings were encouraging and productive. The rest will be much less unfortunately ...

1987 ... the group did not know how to find a second wind in the middle of the 1980s and will pay it cash with an outright disappearance of radars. Hard law of the trade ...

1987 ... frankly a shame because there was something to do with this group. But he will have remained too self-centered on himself and especially on an unchanging style that he will have kept from start to finish ...

1988 ... they never knew how to find their place in the big leagues like many English bands of the time. It must be said that given the incredible number of English groups that have emerged during this decade, only the best will have succeeded necessarily ...

1990 ... which will not prevent them from attempting the transition to the following decade. Unfortunately, what didn't work during the 1980s will not work anymore during this 1990s ...

1990 ... but their will to move forward commands respect, no matter what. Especially since they are far from being ridiculous, it is clear. He will just have missed the little + that could have radically changed their destiny ...

2018 ... we thought the adventure was definitely over but it was bad to know them. Here they are back in this decade of 2010, who would have believed it ?!


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