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Martha loves good cakes ...

Martha and the Muffins is a Canadian group formed in 1977 in Toronto by David Millar and Mark Gane. Joined some time later by Martha Johnson who will become the iconic singer of the group and will also give her name to the latter.

In truth, the name "Martha and the Muffins" had to be temporary and above all had to differentiate the group from other groups of the punk movement with very aggressive names. Name which will remain in the end.

A second Martha arrives in 1978, Martha Ladly, who will become the second singer.

They recorded their first album "Metro music" in 1979 and it was in 1980 that a first extract was released which went around the world, the now cult "Echo Beach" which smashed everything in its path.

A second extract "Paint by number heart" will have a good journey, especially on the radio side.

In 1980, they released their second album "Trance and dance", which was only a resounding success.

It was not until 1981 and the release of the album "This is the ice age" that the group found the path to success with the singles "Women around the world at work" and "Swimming" which will experience a more than honorable journey .

But relative because centered only on Canada.

The album “Danseparc” was released in 1983 but went unnoticed. And it was in 1984 that the group rebounded for the last time with the release of the album "Mystery walk" from which the title "Black stations / White stations" would be extracted, which would hit the entire North American continent.

As well as "Cooling the medium" which will work well in Canada.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Insect love 1978

• Echo beach 1980

• Saigon 1980

• Paint by number heart 1980

• About insomnia 1980

• Women Around the World at Work 1981

• Swimming 1982

• Danseparc 1983

• Black Stations/White Stations 1984

• Cooling the medium 1984

• Song in my head 1986

• Rainbow sign 1992

• Drive 2010

• Sailing through the light 2010

• Mess 2010

• Life's too short to long for something else 2010

Save it for later 2022


Clips :

1978 ... a first unclassifiable and above all indefinable title. A certain quality but a quirky style to say the least ...

1980 ... then comes THIS title. The group here simply signs the biggest success of all its discography and offers himself a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... this one however will go completely under the radars. Too bad because it is far from devoid of interest ...

1980 ... decidedly, the titles follow each other but their fate in the Charts has nothing to do. This one will in turn know the favors of the public. Jean who laughs and Jean who cries. On this one, Jean laughs !

1980 ... there, it will be Jean who cries. One track that works, the next that goes completely under the radars. And so on...

1981 ... a year 1981 which sees the sound of the group evolving in an obvious way. An evolution that goes in the right direction and that succeeds them in view of the results in the Charts

1982 ... something has indeed changed. Starting with a man instead of a woman on the song side ...

1983 ... little delirium with friends. Totally disrupted the energumens ... And again, the word is weak ...!

1984 ... their journey will not have been the most regular but they should not be ashamed of their discography, far from it. The proof once again with this title which will remain as one of their highest ranked

1984 ... a BIG year 1984 with quality on all levels, a quality which confirms all the good that one can think of them

1986 ... and what about that one ! A group little known in the end and which would have really deserved recognition much higher than she was

1992 ... big air hole of 6 years and here they arrived in the decade 90. A return unfortunately losing because it will be the last title of the group ...

2010 ... at least we think it will be the last because it will not be the case. Here they are back in a totally unexpected way in this decade of 2010 with a desire to be reborn from their ashes in an obvious way...

2010...we're not going to lie to each other, the group will never regain the level of success achieved during the 80s, but what he offers today is far from deserving, that's clear...

2010...the group is trying to reinvent himself and find a new lease of life, hoping for a possible return to racing. Sadly disappointed...

2010 ... anyway, it's nice to see them again. We will therefore largely be satisfied with what he offers here, especially since the quality is essential, which does not spoil anything...

2022...we thought the case was definitely over after their stealthy return in 2010. And here they are again 12 years later, who would have believed it ?


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