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Magical creatures...

The Creatures is an English group formed in 1981 by 2 members of Siouxsie and the Banshees which are Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie.

In 1981, they released a very honorable mini-album, from which “Mad-Eyed screamer” was mainly extracted.

The real album “Feast” arrived in 1983, an album that entered the English Top20 Albums and produced the hit single “Miss the girl”. But also and above all "Right now" which will become their biggest success to date.

Six years passed before the adventure resumed in 1989 and the release of the album "Boomerang", a critically acclaimed album with very relative commercial success. Who will produce two singles of good quality that are "Standing there" and "Fury eyes".

The adventure will continue in the 90s, the group will still have some success but that's another story…. To be continued !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Mad eyed screamer 1981

  • So unreal 1981

  • Miss the girl 1983

  • Right now 1983

  • Standing there 1989

  • Fury eyes 1990

  • Second floor 1998

  • Say 1999

  • Prettiest thing 1999

  • Seven tears 2003

  • Godzilla 2003

  • Imagoro 2003

  • City Island 2003


Clips :

1981 ... mixed beginnings despite a duo with more than obvious talent. We will have to be patient, that's all ...

1981 ... this one will not do much better, we are on the verge of experimental music. Come on, a little more patience ...

1983 ... it took them two more years to really find their style and start to take off. This time, it's well and truly gone !

1983 ... a completely anarchic style that goes from experimental to Broadway-style jazz. They will do everything to us !

1989 ... then nothing for 6 years. A huge air hole that sees them come back in force and in a style once again most disconcerting ...

1990 ... well a roughly structured track. We were afraid of losing them completely. It is obvious that they took great pleasure in muddying the waters, but there are limits anyway ...

1998 ... new 8 years mega air hole. And there, the return rhymes with a strong acceleration of the tempo. It's still as wacky as ever, but a little more structured anyway ...

1999 ... of the experimental version of the 90s. We still expected something grandiose given the sizes of the protagonists. Well, on this project, it's a bit of a failure even if this song holds up to a minimum ...

1999 ... crazy until the end. They will have tried everything, that's clear. A frankly hilarious adventure that would have deserved so much better in terms of creativity ...

2003...we thought we wouldn't see them again but it was a bad idea to know them because here they are again. And still in the same state of mind...

2003...these are the basic fans who rejoice at the highest point as soon as a new opus comes out. Is there much left, good question...

2003...a musical experience which will have shown its limits, it is clear. Too bad because there was really plenty to do...

2003... then last title or not ? With them everything remains possible so we might find them one day or another. Or not...


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