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Magic symphony...

Blue System is a German group formed in 1987 by Dieter Bohlen, already well known at the time for being a member of Modern Talking, a group that has produced an impressive number of mega hits in previous years.

Blue System is composed of Dieter Bohlen himself, Rolf Köhler, Michael Scholz and Detlef Wiedeke on the vocals part. To this is added a few female choristers for the most part unknown to the public.

On the other hand, on stage, we will find at the start of the group other people such as Joachim Vogel, Jeanne Dupuy, Frank Otto and Nadja Abd El Farrag as lead singer.

Group which will remain mainly in the musical history of the Eighties thanks to several titles of big caliber which are "Sorry, little sarah" in 1987, "Under my skin" in 1988 and "Magic symphony" in 1989. Single which will be successful notorious at the planetary level in those years.

As such alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sorry, little Sarah 1987

  • She's a lady 1988

  • My bed is too big 1988

  • Under my skin 1988

  • Silent water 1988

  • Love suit 1989

  • Magic symphony 1989

  • 48 hours 1990

  • Love is such a lonely sword 1990

  • When Sarah smiles 1990

  • Lucifer 1991

  • Testamente d'Amelia 1991

  • Déjà vu 1991

  • It's all over 1991

  • Roméo et Juliet 1992

  • I will survive 1992

  • History 1993

  • Operator 1993

  • 6 years 6 nights 1994

  • Laila 1995

  • Only with you 1996

  • Anything 1997


Clips :

1987 ... a start to his solo career which started off under the best of auspices with a first classified title. One more in the career of an artist who will have deeply marked his time, alone or with others ...

1988 ... undoubtedly one of the best dance skills of the whole decade on the Old Continent. Quite simply, that is what we call having talent !

1988 ... a huge year 1988 with a plethora of titles and an inspiration that hits the mark every time. Remarkable !

1988 ... a recognizable sound that will forever remain his trademark. Deutsche Qualität !

1988 ... he will have excelled in Dance but his talent in the Intimist is not negligible. Certainly, he will not have produced a major hit in this area, but it is far from being ridiculous

1989 ... this title will only know its heyday in the Germanic sphere but it would have deserved a much wider recognition, it is clear

1989 ... this one will experience a much higher level of success than its predecessor. And yet, we are almost in the same register. Go figure ...

1990 ... a transition to the 90s which is once again in Dance mode. And which shows above all that the inspiration at this level remains at a level largely sufficient to continue playing in the big leagues

1990 ... it is true that we often border on caricature and that the voice of dear Dieter will not stay in history as the most brilliant of all. But hey, the whole is largely coherent enough and the quality sufficient for the adventure to continue ...

1990 ... new Intimist interlude of very good quality. We are impressed by the number of titles produced each year and especially this quality which remains almost constant year after year, decade after decade ...

1991 ... an adventure that continues for good and which shows above all that the singer still has some under the pedal. There is no question for the moment of letting go of anything compared to a competition of young people who are for the most part 20 years younger ...

1991 ... when Dieter does Enigma, it gives that kind of result. Certainly, it will not reach the level reached by Sadeness but we are getting closer ...

1991 ... always so rhythmic, always so efficient. Each year, we tell ourselves that it will surely be the last. Oh no, the 'touched' Dieter 'continues to produce titles of more than obvious quality

1991 ... the duo that is totally improbable and yet works wonderfully. He will manage to amaze us until the end, the guy. MA-GIC !

1992 ... here we are already in 1992. And even if musical standards have evolved considerably in recent years, Dieter remains invariably on the same line. Not sure it can last like this for long ...

1992 ... anyway, for now, it still holds. Fortunately, the melodic inspiration is always in order because otherwise mass would be said for a long time ...

1993 ... the adventure continues again and again but the level of success will henceforth be limited only to Germany. The beginning of the end...

1993 ... a plethora of discography which delivers year after year its share of titles of more than certain quality. An inspiration that does not weaken an Iota despite the weight of years ...

1994 ... still there the guy. A longevity to say the least exceptional when we see that he is already in a second career. Without counting all the artists that he will have produced alongside and who will also have experienced the same level of success

1995 ... we suspected that at some point he would have to adapt to the new musical trends of the moment. It's now done and my faith, the result is far from ridiculous !

1996 ... he competes with the younger generation without any complex. A great resistance that we can only salute and that we can only find among the best of each generation

1997 ... the last hit, it had to happen one day. After 10 years spent in the big leagues, we suspected that it was not going to last for years and years. But what a great adventure !


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