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Gloria Estefan, whose real name is Gloria Maria Milagrosa Fajardo Garcia de Estefan (phew ...), is an American singer of Cuban origin considered to be one of the singers to have sold the most records in the world (around 90 million ). It was while fleeing the Cuban revolution that the Fajardo family arrived in the United States and settled in Miami. The adventure started for her in 1976 when she fell in love with the leader of the group Miami Sound Machine’s Emilio Estefan with whom she married in 1978. But it was only 6 years later, in 1984, that things accelerated for her when the group of which she is now the singer released the album "Eyes of Innocence", album which contains the hit "Dr Beat". 1985 saw the release of the album "Primitive love" which contained no less than 3 huge hits : "Conga", "Words get in the way" and "Bad boy". In 1987, it was the album “Let it loose” which hit the hit singles “Anything for you”, “1-2-3”, “Rhythm is gonna get you” and “Can't stay away from you ”. It’s at this point that the singer takes the leadership of the group and that it is renamed Glorian Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine. It was in 1989 that his solo career really started with the release of the album "Cuts both ways" which contained the now cult "Don’t wanna lose you" as well as the hit "Here we are". She was seriously injured the following year when the bus carrying out the album's promotional tour was violently struck by a semi-trailer. It will take more than a year to recover. She came back in force in 1991 with the album "Into the light" which contains the single hit "Coming out of the dark". Other years will follow where she will notably produce albums in the Spanish language but she will no longer find the same level of success as before. She nonetheless remains one of the essential figures of the 80s and will remain in history as one of the most prolific singers of the decade. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Dr Beat 1984 (Miami Sound Machine)

• Prisoner of love 1984 (Miami Sound Machine)

• Conga 1985 (Miami Sound Machine)

• Bad boy 1986 (Miami Sound Machine)

• Words get in the way 1986 (Miami Sound Machine)

• Falling in love (Uh-Oh) 1986 (Miami Sound Machine)

• Rythm is gonna get you 1987 (Miami Sound Machine)

• Can’t stay away from you 1988 (Miami Sound Machine)

• Anything for you 1988 (Miami Sound Machine)

• Don’t wanna lose you 1989

• Get on your feet 1989

• Here we are 1990

• Oye mi canto (Hear my voice) 1990

• Cuts both ways 1990

• Coming out of the dark 1991

• Seal our fate 1991

• Can't forget you 1991

• Live for loving you 1991

• Always tomorrow 1992

• I see your smile 1992

• Go away 1993

• Mi tierra 1993

• Turn the beat around 1994

• Everlasting love 1994

• Reach 1996

• You'll be mine (Party time) 1996

• I'm not giving you up 1996

• Heaven's what I feel 1998

• Don't let this moment end 1998

Clips :

1984 ... a first title which will smash everything in its path and raise One Shot the group, as well as the singer, to the rank of planetary stars. One of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... an obvious quality of title but which cannot compete with the previous jewel. Suddenly, the group can not capitalize on the huge suction effect triggered by the previous title and falls as dry in anonymity ...

1985 ... it was not until the following year that the group rebounded spectacularly with this title. A title which sends them back directly to the highest spheres of success !

1986 ... but that's without counting on THIS title ! An enormous title which will remain as one of the biggest successes of the group and which will literally ignite all Dancefloor on the planet. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1986 ... no more overheated rhythms, make way for sweetness. And my faith, it does too ! A versatility which shows that the group is really not there by chance ...

1986 ... 2 tops hits and 1 mega hit the same year, that's what we call a full box ! The group is at its best and it shows, above all, it can be heard !

1987 ... and the controllers are back on track in this new year. The Dancefloor are on fire again, a real craze with them !

1988 ... the WONDER ! A moment of pure auditory happiness where time stands still. The group is as good in pure Dance as in Intimist of very large caliber. The brand of the Great !

1988 ... and what about this one. The group repeats in stride with an equally powerful title emotionally speaking. A sumptuous title which will be the last notorious hit of the group. And yes, already ...

1989 ... finished the Miami Sound Machine, here comes the 1st title of the solo career. But what a title ! MA-sterful, MA-gnificent, MA-gic ? A-MA-ZING, simply

1989 ... a solo career that will prove to be as brilliant as was the career with the Miami Sound Machines. An extremely rare thing that few artists will have achieved during this incredible decade !

1990 ... grace, again and again in this new decade. A flood of hand-sewn hits of incredible finesse. MA-GIC !

1990 ... here she came in Latin mode and it works just as well. All thanks to a dynamic that carries her irresistibly and that does not weaken from an Iota

1990 ... 3 mega hits for this year 1990, nice hunting table. Already 6 years that the singer is at the top and nothing, nor nobody, is able to stop at this stage her insolent supremacy over things and events

1991 ... strength and softness, a unique blend that expresses itself perfectly in this piece once again cut to measure. What talent !

1991 ... after an impressive series of mega Intimist hits, here she comes back to her first love, pure and hard Dance. A partly successful return because the level of success begins to drop for the first time ...

1991 ... suddenly, direct return to the register of emotions. Unfortunately, this title will not work miracles. A somewhat mixed year 1991...

1991 ... fortunately, inspiration is back at the end of the year and this title will save the furniture. Phew ...

1992 ... as much the decade 80 was mainly Dance oriented, as much the decade 90 is intimate. A bias that pays in any case and that makes her stand out from the crowd ...

1992 ... another perfect example of what was said on the previous title. Each era has its own deep aspirations and for Gloria, the decade of 90 rhymes with sweetness and tenderness ...

1993 ... return to Dance at a very 90s tempo. While retaining a Latin base which has always been its trademark. It is well tried but it will not pay as much as we could have hoped ...

1993 ... she sings more and more in Spanish. A risky bet that will pay only in countries predominantly Hispanic. Which necessarily limits the scope of success ...

1994 ... as soon as she goes back into Dance mode, success is inevitably there. This title will not be his biggest success but is among the titles that have counted in his career

1994 ... a title which will have been repeated countless times. The singer signs here a luxury cover of the cult title of Robert Knight dating from 1967, cover which will not necessarily be the most inspired but which will nonetheless meet with significant success

1996 ... she will have known her biggest successes of the decade in the Intimist. Once again the proof with this title which allows her to start the year 1996 on the hats of wheel !

1996 ... she alternates all styles, pure dance, Latin dance and Intimist. A succession of styles that makes you dizzy but as long as it works, why deprive yourself ...

1996 ... beautiful year 1996 with quality on all levels and success as a result. More than 10 years already at the top, who says better ?

1998 ... exceptionally, nothing will happen in 1997. But it is to come back better in this year 1998, in an Olympic form which allows her to win a new mega hit. HU-GE !

1998 ... the last notorious hit of the decade. Already 2 decades at the top, a truly exceptional longevity at the height of an extraordinary talent. And it's not over, we will find her the following decade !

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