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Jean-Pierre Mader is a French singer from the famous “A la Toulousaine” faculty.

He started his musical career as a bass player in the group "Tangara", then in a ball orchestra called "Les Gaulois". Ball orchestra which will have already seen a certain… Francis Cabrel !

Around the age of 25, he started producing a few singles and even ended up releasing an album "Faux coupable" in 1982, which was only a success.

It is the meeting with Richard Seff that will permanently change his destiny.

The 2 accomplices start to write together and they quickly give birth to several titles including 2 which will become cults namely "Disparue" in 1984 and "Macumba" in 1985.

The album "Microclimats" was released in 1985, from which the 2 flagship titles will be extracted, to which we must add a third which is none other than "Un pied devant l'autre" which will be released the same year.

In 1986 came out the album "Outsider" which will contain two titles classified in the Top50 namely "Jalousie" and "Outsider dans son coeur". But the album by itself has had only relative success.

His fourth album "Midi à minuit" was released in 1989 and produced his last major success with the single "En résumé, en conclusion" (title written by Françoise Hardy) which had a good run in the Top50.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Les bandes dessinées 1978

• Faux coupable 1982

• Au bout de son voyage 1983

• Disparue 1984

• Macumba 1985

• Un pied devant l’autre 1985

• Jalousie 1985

• Outsider dans son cœur 1986

• Obsession 1986

• Rêver plus beau 1987

• En résumé, en conclusion 1990

• L'amour sans les autres 1991

• Ici ou ailleurs 1992


Clips :

1978 ... the surreal beginnings of a young singer who will become a few years later one of the biggest phenomena of the 80s on the French side. We can hardly believe it ...

1982 ... change of decade and total metamorphosis. Everything has changed, the style, the sound, the tempo. A necessary change that will quickly bear fruit ...

1983 ... everything is now in place, all that remains is to find the melody and the text that are going well to achieve a first major piece. We're getting closer, we're getting closer ...

1984 ... then comes THIS title. A huge single that will set fire to all the Dancefloor in France and literally blow up the notoriety of the singer. He simply signs here one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade, just that ! MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... the singer definitively enters the musical legend of the 80s with this second title which will make as strong as the previous one, a real feat. In 2 titles, the artist will have gone from complete anonymity to the status of phenomenon of the moment. Incredible but true !

1985 ... a suite of large caliber but which cannot compete with the 2 previous huge hits. Anyway, the artist is on a hyper positive dynamic that literally makes him walk on water. Hope it lasts ...

1985 ... a BIG year 1985 with a plethora of titles and premium quality on all floors. A dazzling success and above all largely deserved !

1986 ... the year got off to a good start, with this new confirmed success. Certainly smaller, but the singer remains in the lead for the moment, that's already it !

1986 ... a halftone suite which is unfortunately the starting point for a slow, but irremediable decline. After years of all power, it is clear that the madermania is deflating slowly but surely ...

1987 ... a year 1987 which will not necessarily be its best vintage. After several years spent at the highest level, it is clear that things are seriously deteriorating. No title from this year 1987 will be classified ...

1990 ... thank you who, thank you Françoise !! We suspected that with her at the controls on this title, the result was going to be up to par. Unfortunately, this will not be enough to save Private Jean-Pierre. Pity...

1991 ... he will try the passage to the 90s but the mass is said unfortunately. Despite this duo of certain quality, the singer is now part of the past and nothing, and no one, can reverse the trend ...

1992 ... and it is not this title that will change anything. He will never manage to rise to the surface during this 90s decade, a particularly ruthless 90s decade for many of his classmates also from the 80s ...


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