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Lovers of a fly named Zobi ...

Les Négresses Vertes is a French group formed in 1987 in Paris by a group of gai-lurons that are ‘Mathias’, ‘Paulo’, ‘Gaby’, ‘Stef’, ‘Isa’, ‘Grégoire’ and ‘Helno’.

'Mathias', 'Paulo' and 'Gaby' come from the group 'Les Maitres', 'Stef', 'Isa' and 'Grégoire' from the group 'Les Ouvriers' and 'Helno' (his real name Noel Rota) des Béruriers Black.

Some are therefore from the punk movement.

The group’s name is said to have come from a vigil who took them out of a bar, shouting "Take out the green negresses", "green" in reference to their hair dyed this color.

The first album "Mlah" was released in 1989 and it's a hit ! 180,000 will be sold in France.

Their style of music, which subtly mixes tavern, Mediterranean and South American tones, is a real hit, especially in the two flagship titles "Zobi la mouche" and the now legendary "Voilà l'été".

A breath of freshness begins to blow on French rock.

In 1991 the album "Famille nombreuse" was released, from which the flagship title "Sous le soleil de Bodéga" would be mainly extracted. The album is again a success.

The adventure unfortunately turns into a drama in 1993 when Helno, leader and unavoidable singer of the group dies from an overdose of heroin.

A death that will stop the meteoric rise of this atypical group which had left to mark the French musical landscape.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Voilà l’été 1989

• Zobbi la mouche 1989

• C’est pas la mer à boire 1990

• Famille heureuse 1991

• Sous le soleil de Bodega 1992

• Hou ! Mamma Mia 1992

• Mambo show 1994

• Après la pluie 1994

• A quoi bon 1995


Clips :

1989 ... surely one of the biggest titles of the decade on the French side. The shattering arrival of a cheerful troop of hurluberlus who will completely shake up the musical landscape of the moment ...

1989 ... the gypsy-flamenco delirious song which shows the whole extent of their wacky spirit. A decidedly extraordinary group ...

1990 ... a nice suite with finesse. The totally crazy side is their business but they also know how to do in the Intimist register. Versatility that is only found with the Best...

1991 ... happy family...and happy song. A dynamic that does not weaken and that makes the group one of the undeniable phenomena of the moment

1992 ... their second biggest hit. 100 % Fiesta !! HUGE ! A title that still makes the heyday of many dance evenings today ...

1992 ... rhythm, still rhythm, always rhythm ! And always this inimitable style which will remain for the whole their trademark !

1994 ... there is before and after 1993. The group must reinvent himself and it is clear that it will not be easy as they say ...

1994 ... a group undergoing major changes following the death of their leader. A forced change of course that will not really succeed ...

1995 ... a last for the road. Other titles will be released later but the group will never find the dynamics of yesteryear ...


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