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Love moves in strange ways...

Blue Zoo is an English band formed in 1980 and made up of Andy Overall, Tim Parry, Mike Ansell and Mickey Sparrow. Group which is called Modern Jazz in its early days before renaming itself some time later Blue Zoo.

They released a first single "Love moves in strange ways" in 1981, which will not be classified but nevertheless allows the group to be noticed in a consistent way.

It was a year later, in 1982, that a notorious beginning of recognition finally arrived with the release of the single "I’m your man". Followed by little "Cry boy cry" which will do even stronger than its predecessor and remains to this day their biggest commercial success.

A first album "2 by 2" was released in 1983, album from which two new hits were extracted : "Loved one's an angel" and "(I just can't) Forgive and forget".

A second album "For all I really care" was released later in 1984. Unfortunately, the latter went relatively unnoticed and sealed the fate of the group, which ended up breaking up shortly after.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • In my sleep (I shoot sheep) 1981 (Modern Jazz)

  • Ivory tower 1981 (Modern Jazz)

  • Love moves in strange ways 1981

  • I’m your man 1982

  • Cry boy cry 1982

  • Loved one’s an angel 1983

  • (I just can’t) Forgive and forget 1983

  • Somewhere in the world (There’s a cowboy smiling) 1983

  • Funganista 2016


Clips :

1981 ... beginnings to say the least...astonishing. It is clear that they will have to raise the level of play somewhat to hope to play in the big leagues ...

1981 ... this title would already stick much more to the trends of the moment. Rather a good omen for the rest of the events ...

1981 ... a 1981 year of breaking in with several sounds which coexist with varying degrees of success. On this title, it would rather be the least that would prevail. But the basics are good so there is every reason to hope for them ...

1982 ... the proof with this title which gives them their first major success. Certainly limited to England but it's always better than nothing !

1982 ... the biggest success of all their discography. On a slightly wacky title but their efforts are finally rewarded. Hope this lasts ...

1983 ... in any case, it will last during 1983. With a lower level of success but sufficient to keep them in the race

1983 ... a nice group that will never be part of the leading pack but with significant talent, that's clear

1983 ... which will surely remain as their most successful title. An end of the adventure in the form of fireworks, what better way to go out through the front door !


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