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Long cold winter...

Cinderella is an American group formed in 1982 in the suburbs of Philadelphia by Tom Keifer and Eric Brtittingham. Which will be joined quickly by Michael Schermik and Tony Destra. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 15 million records to date.

It will take four years and the year 1986 to see the group release their first album "Night songs", album which for a first opus is a real success given the level of success achieved in the North American sphere. Album that will produce the flagship single "Nobody's fool".

Success confirmed, and especially amplified, when the album "Long cold winter" was released in 1988. The album caused a worldwide hit and literally blew up the band's notoriety. Album from which will be extracted two top hits which are "Gipsy road" and "Don’t know what you got (Till it’s gone)".

A dynamic that did not weaken when the album "Heartbrake station" was released in 1990. Even if the level of success is slightly lower on the album side, the singles “Shelter me” and “Heartbrake station” are very successful with the most remarkable audiences.

A great adventure which unfortunately ended with the release of the album "Still climbing" in 1994, an album which only enjoyed a very relative level of success. Failure from which the group will never recover and which will precipitate its outright disappearance.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Shake me 1986

  • Nobody’s fool 1986

  • Somebody save me 1987

  • Gypsy road 1988

  • Don’t know wha t you got (Till it’s gone) 1988

  • The last mile 1988

  • Coming home 1988

  • Shelter me 1990

  • Heartbreak station 1991

  • Bad attitude shuffle 1994

  • Through the rain 1994

  • Hard to find the words 1994

  • War stories 1997


Clips :

1986 ... a first title which immediately sets the trend : little guys aren't there for fun ! We must therefore expect beating in order ...

1986 ... as very often in these cases, they know how to knock but very paradoxically, they also excel in the Intimist. The proof with this title which gives them their first planetary top hit !

1987 ... small year 1987 with only one title on the clock and of average quality. After a most encouraging start, the rest turns out to be somewhat pale ...

1988 ... business resumes in an obvious way in this year 1988. Results of the races : success clearly on the rise in the Charts. Like what, not much was enough ...

1988 ... new Intimist parenthesis of high class. A group that has understood everything and that alternates the 2 extremes in order to satisfy everyone. Well seen !

1988 ... BIG year 1984 with no less than 4 titles produced that year. Of course, the last 2 will be those who will be less successful, but enough to keep the group at the top of the basket !

1988 ... a multi-influence group which varies the pleasures according to its desires and needs. This time, they are playing it folk and the result is far from ridiculous. Like what !

1990 ... a transition to the 90s that take place in the best conditions with this top hit ! Rather a good sign for the rest of the events ...

1991 ... a pretty ballad which literally floats in the air and which proves once again that they really understood everything by alternating softness and strength ...

1994 ... after a most satisfying start to the 1990s, the rest will prove to be much more complicated to manage than expected. Not much of interest in 1992 and 1993 and a little inspired return in 1994. The beginning of the end ...

1994 ... the unscrewing is irreversible and even this kind of title with more than certain quality will not change the situation. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1994 ... no more titles will be classified. The group therefore ends up coasting and we suspect that for lack of success, the adventure will quickly stop ...

1997 ... it will continue until 1997. But this single will indeed be the last single to be released. End of the story...


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