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Bill Baxter is a French group formed in the early 80s and composed of Joe Cool, Lewis Primo and Bo Geste.

Their first single "Petit avec de grandes oreilles" was released in 1982 and enjoyed great acclaim.

Followed in 1983 by the mini-album "La belle vie" which will go a little more unnoticed.

It was in 1985 that the group reached its peak when the single "Embrasse moi, idiot !" », Flagship title taken from the eponymous musical and directed by Patrick Timsit. The single was a huge hit during the summer and blew up the band's notoriety.

In 1987 the single "Bienvenue à Paris" was released in a duet with the English singer of Jamaican origin Tippa Irie. Single with relative success.

The group will subsequently convert to the audiovisual sector, notably for Les Guignols de l'Info, for which they will compose, among others, "Reviens JPP, come back" and "La combine à nanard".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Petit avec des grandes Oreilles 1982

  • Embrasse moi idiot 1985

  • Ding dong 1986

  • L’amour en capital 1986

  • Bienvenue à Paris 1987

Clips :

1982 ... a start on the hats of wheel with this wacky title. The trend is given, it will be Free Style !

1985 ... but it is THIS title which will make them fit One Shot into the musical history of the 80s on the French side. It is always as wacky but this time, the melody and the vocal trio, are of a level much higher than the previous song. And it works perfectly !

1986 ... it's still so light and airy but the mayonnaise doesn't set every time. Pity...

1986 ... in the same vein. It's nice but it's not enough to make the difference, let alone create an event

1987 ... they try it all with this luxury association with singer Tippa Irie. It's very nice once again but too out of step with the current musical trend which is very Dance oriented ... Not easy to do in the original, they will have learned it at their expense ...

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