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Listen to the men with the golden voice...

Time Bandits is a Dutch group formed in 1981 by Alides Hidding, who is the singer - with a voice so special and recognizable among all - as well as the author of all the songs. The name of the group will not necessarily tell you much but the song titles surely. Titles such as "I'm specialized In You" as well as the hits "Listen To The Man With The Golden Voice" and "I'm Only Shooting Love" (which will probably stay in history as their biggest commercial success) will reveal them to the general public. And ignite the dancefloors of the whole planet. With their four albums on the counter, this original and quirky group will have had great success in the end in the charts around the world.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Live it up 1981

• Sister paradise 1982

• I'm specialized in you 1982

• Listen to the man with the golden voice 1983

• I'm only shooting love 1983

• Reach out 1984

• Endless road 1985

• Dancing on a string 1985

• I won't steal away 1986

• Only a fool 1986

• We'll be dancing 1987

• Wildfire 1987

• Can't wait for another world 1988

2000s Decade :

• How does it feel 2003

• Sarah 2003

2010s Decade :

• Must be love 2012

• Radiate 2012

• What's the matter with you 2012


Tracks :

1981 ... beginnings that will go somewhat unnoticed but what is certain is that the sound of the group is already trendy. And that is rather auspicious for the future ...

1982 ... the group has a certain talent but it does not manage for the moment to pass the stage which would allow it to reach the court of the Best one. Still a little patience...

1982 ... the title of the revelation. A first title all in roundness and finesse. The first steps of one of the rare Dutch groups to have left a significant mark in the musical history of the 80s

1983 ... the ramp-up with this first major hit. A hit carried by this extraordinary voice which will forever remain the trademark of this atypical group

1983 ... the interplanetary HIT which makes them definitely become legend. HUGE Dance hit that will set fire to all Dancefloor

1984 ... new gentle page with a large caliber Ultimate Slow. Know how to do little guys !

1985 ... another title with certain quality. A group that would have deserved recognition much higher than it was ...

1985 ... a dance on the high wire. An inspiration that does not falter an Iota despite the weight of the years ...

1986 ... a pivotal year for the group. The sound has evolved, as well as the look of the members. For good or for bad...?

1986 ... a year 1986 decidedly disconcerting .... Nice songs but lacking some inspiration ...

1987 ... new metamorphosis ... You get lost in it. A Dance style that balances a lot but that no longer makes the difference ...

1987 ... a return to fundamentals too late. The fans are gone ...

2003 ... when we thought the case was definitely closed concerning them, here they are back at the beginning of the 2000s. A real false return because they will bring up to date old titles that went unnoticed to say the least when they were released...

2003...nothing really new. Admittedly, the original titles have been reworked a bit, but that won't be enough to bring them back into the race...

2012...this time, they will make the necessary efforts and finally offer something new. Admittedly, it took them 9 years to do it, but at least it's done...

2012...despite a certain quality of title, hardly anyone will see that they are back. Except the fans of the first hour of course...

2012...we can still only rejoice to see them back and in great shape. It remains to be seen whether they will have the courage to come back again later...


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