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Lili wanted to go dancing...

Lili Drop is a French group formed in 1978 by Olivier Caudron dit Olive, who will be surrounded by Sylvie Méoule dit Violaine and Körin Ternovtzeff dit Körin (who will become Enzo Enzo a few years later). The same Olivier Caudron who will participate some time before in the creation of another group, and not the least, namely Téléphone.

Lili Drop was a group with a particularly short-lived existence, mainly due to the obvious lack of promotion by the record company but also to the excessive dependence on Olivier Caudron’s heroine.

Their flagship title remains to this day "Sur ma mob" released in 1979.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sur ma mob 1979

  • Banal 1980

  • Terrain vague 1980

  • Agent secret 1981

  • Porc qui pique 1981

  • T’oublier 1982

  • Tartine breakfast 1982

  • Mauvaise copie 1982


Clips :

1979 ... the first successful steps of a group that was ephemeral to say the least, yet had everything he needed to do great things. But fate will have decided otherwise ...

1980 ... the group will have been undermined as much by a difficulty to find its style and sound as by the destructive behavior of its singer ...

1980 ... the transition to the 80s was inevitable but apart from his first title which will remain as the most successful, the rest leaves something to be desired ...

1981 ... the sonic evolution is obvious and goes rather in the right direction. The inspiration is finally there but that will not be enough to make this group one of the sure values of the moment ...

1981 ... the level of inspiration still fluctuates enormously from one song to another. This one would rather be one of the pieces that lack some inspiration ...

1982 ... the group will never have succeeded in producing THE title which could have radically changed its destiny. Quality, of course, but not enough to make an impression and win at the highest level ...

1982 ... a nice title which shows that this group had a certain potential. Potential unfortunately wasted by a combination of opposing elements that will inexorably precipitate the fall of the group ...

1982 ... a 'shooting star' group which had, at the base, as many chances to break through as another small group called...Telephone. But their fates will unfortunately have been radically different. Except for Enzo Enzo who will be the only survivor of this adventure and who will experience its heyday a few years later ...


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