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Stefano Pulga is an Italian producer and arranger who started his artistic career at the age of 17, making a name for himself in nightclubs and piano bars in Milan during 1971.

We find him in the group Dik Dik from the year 1973, then in the label Numero Uno which allows him to join the group Flora Fauna Cemento. A group where he will meet other artists in the making, namely Gianna Nannini and Ivan Graziani.

The year 1975 saw him join a new group called Crisalide, a group he also left to refocus on his profession as a musician until the end of the 1970s.

His first solo achievements came in 1979 with the release of his first album "Suspicion", an album that will go somewhat unnoticed.

Everything accelerated at the beginning of the 1980s when he created the group Kano, a group which would experience its heyday 3 years later with the enormous single "Another life". He also created Pink Project, a concept-project which will experience its heyday with the title “Disco Project” in 1982.

New solo achievement in 1982 with the album "Indio", followed two years later in 1984 by the album "If". Album which will produce its biggest personal success with the single "Take me higher".

He will collaborate in the years that will follow on many artist projects of all kinds but he will never find solo the success achieved in 1984.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Stanco 1976

  • Mezzocuore 1979

  • Suspicion 1979

  • Come nei fumetti 1982

  • La mia nave 1982

  • Love taker 1983

  • If 1984

  • Alone again 1984

  • Take me higher 1984

  • Come back 1984

  • Pretty baby 1985

  • Il cielo e la sposa 2007

  • Cos'e mancato 2007


Clips :

1976 ... a very subtle debut which shows a more than obvious potential in this field in this young singer. Paradoxically, it is in Dance that he will know fame and fortune ...

1979 ... the end of the 1970s which will allow him to emerge in broad daylight and above all to break in. It remains to find the style and the sound that go well ...

1979 ... no noticeable evolution with this title. We will therefore have to wait for the passage to the 1980s to hope to see things evolve in the right direction ...

1982 ... there is better, it is clear. He finally took the measure of the changes necessary to make and the result is there, it is clear ...

1982 ... he just has to pass the last level which prevents him from reaching the big league. But it will not be long...

1983 ... and the last level, he passes in this year 1983. Sound Dance that goes well, words in English, it is now on for the great fireworks ...

1984 ... a year 1984 which will undoubtedly remain as its best vintage. It starts slowly but it will end strong, very strong !

1984 ... for the big takeoff, we will have to wait a little longer. We're getting closer, we're getting closer ...

1984 ... this time will be the good one. It is with THIS title that he will win the cup and get his direct ticket for posterity on the solo side. HU-GE !

1984 ... plethora of titles in 1984 and quality on every level. The artist is in full possession of his means and it shows, especially it can be heard !

1985 ... unfortunately, the adventure will come to an end faster than expected. The year 1985 will see him deliver his last major title before disappearing somewhat from the radar ...

2007 ... a solo career that he will put on hold for almost 20 years. He will try to rise from his ashes during this decade of 2000 but it will unfortunately be wasted ...

2007 ... he is not ridiculous, far from it but how to fight with a competition which is on average 30 years younger ? Mission impossible of course ...


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