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Like his friend 'Sugar', he cannot live without a woman ...

Paul - Anthony - Young started his career in groups like Kat Cool, Streetband or Q-Tips which occur throughout the United Kingdom. In 1983, tired of performing in formations without real scope, he then embarked on a solo career, especially to pay tribute to his idols. A first time with a tribute to Marvin Gaye through his cover of "Wherever i lay my hat" then with Jack Lee through his cover of "Come back and stay". And the miracle takes place, the successes are linked. Paul Young will reach consecration in 1985 with "Every time you go away" by Daryl Hall and John Oates which will become one of the biggest planetary hits of the time. A few less prolific years will follow. It will be necessary to wait for the year 1991 so that they find the summits thanks to the song "Senza una donna" which he interprets in duet with Zucchero. Since then the artist prefers to take care of his family without completely abandoning the music.


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Iron out the rough spots 1982

  • Wherever I lay my hat 1983

  • Come back and stay 1983

  • Love of the common people 1983

  • Love will tear us appart again 1984

  • I'm gonna tear your playhouse down 1984

  • Everything must change 1984

  • Everytime you go away 1985

  • Tomb of memories 1985

  • Wonderland 1986

  • Some people 1986

  • Why does a man have to be strong ? 1987

90s Decade :

  • Softly whispering I love you 1990

  • Oh girl 1990

  • Senza una donna 1991

  • Both sides now 1991

  • Don't dream it's over 1991

  • Come on in 1991

  • What becomes of the broken hearted 1992

  • Now I know what made Otis blues 1993

  • Hope in a hopeless world 1993

  • It will be you 1994

  • That's how heartaches are made 1994

  • Grazing in the grass 1995

  • I wish you love 1997

  • Ball and chain 1997

  • Tularosa 1997

2000s Decade :

  • Tainted love 2006

  • Isn't a pity 2006

2010s Decade :

  • L-O-V-E (Love) 2016

  • I believe in you (You believe in me) 2016


Tracks :

1982...a first title that will go somewhat unnoticed. It is difficult if not impossible to imagine at this stage the enormous career that awaits this young singer in the years to come...

1983...from the second title, it's the jackpot. All thanks to this oh so successful revisited version of Marvin Gaye's title dating from 1962. What is certain is that this young singer has talent, a talent just waiting to be expressed !'s another revisited version that will really reveal him and elevate him One Shot to the rank of planetary star. His cover of the title of Jack Lee which dates from 1981 will remain as his biggest commercial success and will literally explode his notoriety internationally. MAS-TER-FUL ! almost equally huge sequel confirming an undeniable talent. A dazzling start to his career, which in just one year will have made him a real planetary phenomenon...

1984...until then, on the revisited version side, it was zero fault. This cover of the Joy Division title dating from 1980 is original to say the least but will experience a level of success in the Charts, to say the least, limited...

1984...a series of impressive mega hits that nothing and no one can stop, the proof with this new title. And as if by chance, it's another revisited version this time of Ann Peebles' title dating from 1972 that will allow him to reach the stars once again...

1984...after an exceptional year in 1983 in all respects, this year 1984 in turn reinforced its status as the unmissable star of the moment. Everything magically smiles at him and everything he delivers immediately turns to gold...

1985...the title of the ultimate consecration ! Surely one of the biggest hits of the 80s, all thanks to a new version revisited this time of the Hall & Oates title dating from 1980. Rarely has an artist won the moon so much with the titles of others and not his !

1985...after 2 totally euphoric years and an incredible series of mega hits, the singer will start to seriously slow down from this title. It must be said that he could not continue at such a sustained pace of consecutive successes...

1986...a little walk in wonderland. Still as strong in the Intimist register and above all effective resumption of business with this title. It now remains to be seen whether the previous slight air hole is likely to recur quickly, or not...

1986...another title that works perfectly, rhythmic and groovy as desired. But who confirms previous fears that the best years are now behind...

1987...the deceleration accelerates year after year with fewer and fewer titles released and with limited success to say the least. Beware danger as they say...

1990...after 3 years of relative dearth, he is back in great shape once again in his favorite register : emotions. And as if by chance, it is once again a revisited version of a title from others, namely that of David & Jonathan dating from 1967, which will bring him back to life !

1990...decidedly, he will remain as one of the very best romantic ballads. A rare talent but also an incredible ability to cover the titles of others, as evidenced by this revisited version of the title of the Chi-Lites dating from 1972 !

1991...a legendary duo performing a no less legendary title. When 2 HUGE stars of the moment have a jam, the result is necessarily up to par ! MS-TER-FUL !

1991...the year of duets ! After the essentially male version, here comes the one man and one woman version. And in your opinion, revisited version or not ? And yes, it's a title by Judy Collins dating from 1986 that he reinterprets here in gallant company...

1991...and he continues in the luxury cover with this time a revisited version of the Crowded House title dating from 1986. One would have thought that the 90s would have been frankly unfavorable to him given how it started but he succeeded in reversing the situation in a remarkable way ! he is again in duet mode this time with the singer of the Rats & Star Masayuki Suzuki. A duo that will not experience the same level of success as the previous two unfortunately...

1992... it's fresh, it's light and it doesn't eat bread. Another nice title that hits the mark and which, once again, is a cover. This time it's the title of Jimmy Ruffin dating from 1966 that he brings up to date for our greatest pleasure...

1993...once again with finesse. Surely the key word of an exceptional career which is unfolding quietly and which sees him succeed in maintaining himself at the highest level without too much difficulty. Hope it lasts !

1993...a new year placed under the sign of the emotional and the Intimist. He returns to this field as soon as he can and for the moment he is doing quite well... the same vein. We take the same and we start again. Still as effective but it doesn't pay as much as before in the Charts. Slight air hole or deeper malaise, the future will tell us...

1994...the tumble in the Charts accelerates despite the release of titles of certain quality. Nothing is going well on the planet Young and he will have to quickly ask himself the right things about the rest of the events...

1995... him in any case continues to believe in it. Regardless of the results in the Charts, as long as he enjoys doing what he does, the essential is preserved...

1997...his last notorious hit, 15 years after his debut and one of the finest careers of the 80s. Anyway the adventure is not over, far from it...

1997...he will have been able to find the necessary resources to avoid the irreversible dropout, it is clear. We can only rejoice that he has decided to push the adventure a little further...

1997... the end of the 90's which will see him fade away little by little and gradually disappear from the radar. We suspected that this would happen one day or another...

2006...we will find him 9 years later in a style that has nothing to do with what he proposed before. And why not tell me...

2006...after having revisited Gloria Jones' 'Tainted love' from 1964, here he is revisiting Georges Harrison's title from 1970. A version that has very little to do with the original, that it's clear...

2016...and here he is again 10 years later. Admittedly, the production of titles has slowed down drastically, but he keeps coming back again and again. Isn't that the main thing ?

2016...we suspect that this title will surely not be the last. Because we know, with him, nothing is ever over and he always comes back at one time or another...


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