Like his friend 'Sugar', he cannot live without a woman ...

Paul - Anthony - Young started his career in groups like Kat Cool, Streetband or Q-Tips which occur throughout the United Kingdom. In 1983, tired of performing in formations without real scope, he then embarked on a solo career, especially to pay tribute to his idols. A first time with a tribute to Marvin Gaye through his cover of "Wherever i lay my hat" then with Jack Lee through his cover of "Come back and stay". And the miracle takes place, the successes are linked. Paul Young will reach consecration in 1985 with "Every time you go away" by Daryl Hall and John Oates which will become one of the biggest planetary hits of the time. A few less prolific years will follow. It will be necessary to wait for the year 1991 so that they find the summits thanks to the song "Senza una donna" which he interprets in duet with Zucchero. Since then the artist prefers to take care of his family without completely abandoning the music. Discography (among others ...) :

  • Wherever I lay my hat 1983

  • Come back and stay 1983

  • Love of the common people 1983

  • I'm gonna tear your playhouse down 1984

  • Everything must change 1984

  • Everytime you go away 1985

  • Wonderland 1986

  • Some people 1986

  • Softly whispering I love you 1990

  • Oh girl 1990

  • Senza una donna 1991

  • Both sides now 1991

  • Don't dream it's over 1991

  • What becomes of the broken hearted 1992

  • Now I know what made Otis blues 1993

  • Hope in a hopeless world 1993

  • It will be you 1994

  • I wish you love 1997

Clips :

1983 ... an arrival with finesse that foreshadows a suite of the highest order

1983 ... the huge hit that will really reveal him and raise him One Shot to the rank of planetary star. And which will remain as its biggest commercial success

1983 ... an almost as huge suite which confirms an undeniable talent. It starts damn well all that ...

1984 ... an impressive serie of hits that nothing and no one can stop

1984 ... after an exceptional year 1983, this year 1984 in turn strengthens its status as an essential star of the moment

1985 ... the title of the ultimate consecration ! Surely one of the biggest hits of the 80's

1986 ... a little walk in wonderland ... Still as strong in the Intimist register !

1986 ... another track that works perfectly, rhythmic and groovy at will

1990 ... after 3 years of relative famine, he is back in great shape once again in his favorite register : emotions ...

1990 ... decidedly, it will remain as one of the best romantic ballad side. A rare talent !

1991 ... a legendary duo which interprets a title which is no less so. When 2 HUGE stars of the moment make a beef, the result is necessarily up to par !

1991 ... the year of the duo ! After the essentially male version, here comes the version for a man and a woman. Chabadabada ....

1991 ... a nice cover of the Crowded House title. One would have thought that the decade of the 90s would have been fatal to him, what a denial ! On the contrary...

1992 ... it's fresh, it's light and it doesn't eat bread. Another nice title that hits home

1993 ... once again with finesse. Surely the key word of an exceptional career which unfolds quietly

1993 ... another year under the sign of the emotional and the Intimist. He adores !

1994 ... in the same vein. We take the same and start again. Always as effective !

1997 ... his last notorious hit, 15 years after his debut and one of the best careers of the 80s

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