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Like a scent of scandal...

Milli Vanilli is a German duo formed in 1988 by producer Frank Farian, whose real name is Franz Reuther, the same Farian who a few years earlier produced a small group called…'Boney M' !

Milli Vanilli is made up of Fabrice ‘Fab’ Morvan of French origin and Robert ‘Rob’ Pilatus of German origin. A duo that will stay in history on the one hand for the quality of the Singles produced. But also, and above all, for the huge scandal they will be subjected to following the revelation that they are not the real singers of the titles. The real singers being in truth Charles Saw, John Davis and Brad Howell.

Originally, Pilatus started his artistic career by playing apprentice models while playing apprentice singers, notably with a group called 'Wind', a group which took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1987. Morvan only played apprentice models and it is in a Munich club that the two friends will meet their destiny for the first time.

A meeting which sees them unite at first within the group 'Empire Bizarre', ephemeral group which will produce only one title “Dance” in 1988. But that is enough for Farian to notice them and see in them a obvious potential for the future duo he wants to start.

Their first album stamped Milli Vanilli "All or nothing" (album to be released under the name "Girl you know it’s true" especially in North America) was released the same year and for a first try, it was a real masterstroke. The album is a real hit and shatteringly propels the 2 real/false singers to a height of fame that they could never have imagined.

Notably thanks to a first Single "Girl you know it’s true", a Single that will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest hits of that year and of the decade itself. But the album is not going to produce just one mega-hit but no less than five !

Will follow "Baby don’t forget my number", "Blame it on the rain" but also, and above all, the hugely enormous "Girl I’m gonna miss you", biggest success of all their - short - discography. The group is then one of the biggest planetary phenomena of the moment.

The year 1990 saw the release of the album's fifth single "All or nothing" and the recording of the new album "The moment of truth". But things take a turn for the worse when the two friends ask Farian to sing for good, something he refuses. Not only does he refuse but in addition he is forced to reveal to the whole world the deception concerning his two foals. A deception that he had already practiced and broken a few years before with the singer of the Boney M ...

The effect is devastating and halted the group's meteoric rise in its tracks. Group which will release a last title "Keep on running" in 1991 before definitively withdrawing its reverence. Thus putting an end to one of the biggest scandals that the musical world has known at the end of the 20th century.

The phoenix could have been reborn in a totally unexpected way at the end of the 90s since Farian, the same one who had knowingly torpedoed the duo, suddenly agreed to produce in 1997 the famous album (with their real voices) which had always refused them.

An album "Back and in attack" is even in preparation the following year in 1998. Unfortunately, the demons of Rob Pilatus catch up with him and the story will once again turn into a nightmare.

The latter sank into drugs and villainous affairs during the recording of the album, even going so far as to be sentenced to 3 months in prison for theft and assault. A descent into hell that will end with an overdose of alcohol and drugs in a hotel room in Frankfurt.

A tragic death which will this time put a definitive end to one of the darkest and most gloomy musical adventures that the modern world has known.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Girl you know it’s true 1988

  • Baby don’t forget my number 1988

  • Blame it on the rain 1989

  • Girl I’m gonna miss you 1989

90s Decade :

  • All or nothing 1990

  • Keep on running 1990

  • We can get it on (Rob & Fab) 1993


Tracks :

1988 ... a startling to say the least with a first global mega hit from the first title. An enormous title which propels the 2 accomplices to a level of success that they would never have imagined. Let's go for one of the biggest musical deceptions of the end of the 20th century ...

1988 ... the mega hits will follow one another at a truly astounding speed. The duo are becoming one of the biggest phenomena of the moment and nothing, and no one, seems able to challenge their supremacy. For the moment...

1989 ... the year 1989 starts again on the same bases as the year 1988, that is to say at an incredible level of success. Everything is successful and each title that comes out brings them closer to the stars every time ...

1989 ... which will undoubtedly remain as the biggest success of their entire discography. An Intimist title of great beauty which shows that they are as good in Dance as in the register of 'emotions'. At least those who made them ...

1990 ... a transition to the 90s which is done under the best auspices. Considering the level of success achieved in the 2 previous years, we say to ourselves that the 2 lads left to smash everything during this decade of the 90s. They are the ones who are going to smash each other in truth ...

1990 ... the last single before the big unpacking. The revelation of a scandal that will shake the whole planet and show that in this area all blows, and especially all shenanigans, are allowed. A deception that will make a mark ...

1993 ... this time, the real ones are at the helm. But the damage is done and their names definitely linked to one of the biggest scandals that the contemporary musical world has known ...


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