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Like a Samba tune...

Rita Lee is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who can claim to have sold around 60 million albums worldwide to date.

She truly began her artistic career in 1966 when she created the group "Os Mutantes", a group which produced no less than 5 albums between 1968 and 1972.

At the same time, she recorded her first solo album “Build up” in 1970, an album of very relative success.

Failure of her solo album, followed some time later by her departure from the group, two unfortunate setbacks that will push the singer into depression and isolation. So much so that she almost stops her career.

But this dark period inspired her in terms of composition and she came back in force from 1974 with a new group "Tutti Frutti". Group whose first album "Atrás do Porto Tem Uma Cidade" is a success.

Followed a year later in 1975 by the album "Fruto proibido" which made a real hit and which sold over 200,000 copies, a record for the time in Brazil.

In 1976, while pregnant, she was arrested for possession of marijuana and placed under house arrest for 1 year. It was during this period that she composed with Paulo Coehlo the track "Arrombou a festa", which in turn was a hit.

In 1978, last album with Tutti Frutti "Babilonia", adventure which ends in very strong tensions between certain members.

It was with her husband, Roberto de Carvalho, that she took control of her solo career at the end of the 1970s. A particularly fruitful association which, in particular, produced in 1980 what will surely remain as her biggest hit, "Lança perfume". Single which will make a real planetary success and make her return definitively in the legend.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Suicida (Os Mutantes)1966

  • A minha menina (Os Mutantes) 1968

  • Panis e circenses (Os Mutantes) 1969

  • Caminhante noturno (Os Mutantes) 1969

  • Technicolor ( Os Mutantes) 1971

  • Ballada do louco (Os Mutantes) 1972

  • Menino bonito (Tutti Frutti) 1974

  • Agora so falta você (Tutti Frutti) 1975

  • Arrombou a festa (Tutti Frutti) 1976

  • Jardins da babilônia (Tutti Frutti) 1978

  • Chega mais 1979

  • Mania de vochê 1979

  • Lança perfume 1980

  • Caso serio 1980

  • Saude 1981

  • Mutante 1981

  • Tatibitati 1982

  • Flagra 1982

  • Atlantida 1984

  • Virus do amor 1985

  • Yê yê yê 1985

  • Bwana 1987

  • Dias merholes virao 1989

  • Perto do fogo 1990

  • Desculpe O auê 1992

  • Todas as mulheres do mundo 1993

  • Damme mille baci 1993

  • Obrigado nao 1997

  • Fruta madura 1997

  • O que você quer 1997

  • 3001 2000

  • Erva Venenosa 2000

  • Pra você eu digo sim 2001

  • Amor e sexo 2003

  • Reza 2012

  • Voando 2024


Clips :

1966 ... at the origin of the beginning. Who would imagine at this point that the young singer of this group will become a real star. Not many people, that's for sure ...

1968 ... totally unbridled sound, just like the style. It goes in all directions but it also holds the road. Funny paradox ...

1969 ... young Rita already bursts the screen, that's obvious. All that remains for her to do is work, work, work to hope to quickly free herself from his classmates ...

1969 ... a certain originality but which sometimes borders on caricature, even bizarre. But that's also what makes their charm ...

1971 ... an almost normal title. We still feel that the group is settling down from year to year. At one point, too much fantasy kills fantasy ...

1972 ... the end of the Os Mutantes adventure. An adventure that will have allowed the young Rita to explode into the open and prepare a sequel that promises to be grandiose ...

1974 ... an adventure which is always combined with several but this time with the Tutti Frutti. Ideal scenario to limit breakage in case ...

1975 ... the beginnings of a solo career. For now she still plays it grouped, but it will not last. Soon it will be freedom and the great outdoors ...

1976 ... a very colorful and very 70s title. Certainly, it's nice and good-natured. But that's not enough to make it all a mega-hit ...

1978 ... the "Lee" style is slowly but surely in place. The voice, the sound, everything starts to ring very true !

1979 ... the real take off solo with this title perfectly in tune with the times. A title which proves that this singer has everything to do great things. And the rest will prove it in a brilliant way !

1979 ... not to mention that she is as effective in Dance as she is in finer and more subtle titles like this one. It promises !

1980 ... then comes THIS title. A title that came out of nowhere and which will cause real success on the whole planet. A HUGE hit dance that will undeniably remain as one of the most emblematic titles of the decade !

1980 ... she constantly alternates strength and finesse and gives free rein to the full extent of her talent. What more !

1981 ... a year 1981 which will not be able to compete with the previous year as the bar has been raised. Regardless, quality is always essential and that's the main thing !

1981 ... the "Lee" style is now firmly in place and she just has to be unrolled. The voice, the sound, everything sounds right !

1982 ... a rhythmic, light and airy track just as it should be. A beginning of the 80s which saw her shine with a thousand lights. But she is well worth it !

1982 ... in the same vein. A year 1982 definitely placed under the sign of carefree and the joy of living. Two words that perfectly sum up the 1980s ...

1984 ... the singer continues her path even if the level of success has nothing to do with previous years. As they say, the main thing is to participate !

1985 ... anyway, quality is always the order of the day and hearing them sing in Brazilian is not the most unpleasant ...

1985 ... a track which spins at the speed of light and which almost makes you dizzy. But we will not remake her again as they say ...

1987 ... the end of a decade that oscillates between good and less good. On this one, we would rather be in the 2nd category ...

1989 ... here she is in the soundtrack. She will sign the soundtrack but she will also be one of the female interpreters of the film of the same name which will be released that year

1990 ... she will have started her career in the 60s, then crossed the 70s and the 80s. And here she begins with a certain enthusiasm the 90s. What a career !

1992 ... a nice ballad with finesse that shows that everything is still possible. Afterwards, between wanting and power, there can be an ocean ...

1993 ... or how to go from one extreme to another. After the finesse, the beating in order. It almost hurts the ears ...

1993 ... fortunately, here she is back in finesse and lightness. We like to see her so much better in this register ...

1997 ... and here she is again in supercharged mode. It is clear that this decade 90 follows a totally crazy pace at the planetary level but still. Be careful when leaving the road ...

1997 ... the whole of the 1990s will have been a permanent alternation of punchy titles and much lighter titles. Who would blame her ...

1997 ... another nice title which she has the secret and which shows once again that with her, nothing is ever finished !

2000 ... and here she is in the 2000s, who would have believed it ! An exceptional longevity, to say the least !

2000 ... a crazy title as she likes to do them so well ! But it is also this completely unbridled side that will have made its legend !

2001 ... a pure moment of emotions with a title that literally floats in the air. In the purest Brazilian style as we like it !

2003 ... 35 years already on the front of the stage. Only the greatest lasted that long. Respect as they say !

2012 ... impossible to stop her. Here she is entering its 6th decade and we imagine that she certainly does not intend to stop there. What will she hold for us in the years to come. Good question because with her everything is possible !



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