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The life of Riley...

The Lightning Seeds is an English group formed in 1989 in Liverpool by Ian Broudie, former member of “The Care” and producer of group like Echo & the Bunnymen and other The Icicle works.

The group enjoyed its first success the same year with the single "Pure" from the album "Cloudcuckooland", both in England and in the United States.

It wasn't until 1992 that the group did it again with the album "Sense" and the title "The life of Riley" that Brodie wrote for his son. Single who will have a very honorable journey in the Charts.

In 1994, the album "Jollification" was released, an album much appreciated by critics. And which will produce two singles of good invoices that are "Change" and "Perfect".

Two years later, a new album with "Dizzy heights" of which "Ready or not" will be the best achievement.

Followed by few of their biggest successes to date, namely "Three lions", flagship song and theme written especially for the Euro Football Championship in 1996. Anthem become cult which will even be repeated in other European countries.

A success in calling another, released in 1997 the title "You showed me" which will remain as one of their best sales.

Finally in 1998, Brodie will once again create the event by remixing "Three lions" specially for the world football organized in France and it will be a hit again ! Exceptional song which will have been classified twice N ° 1 in two distinct circumstances.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Pure 1989

  • Joy 1989

  • All I want 1990

  • The life of Riley 1992

  • Sense 1992

  • Blowing bubbles 1992

  • Flaming sword 1992

  • Lucky you 1994

  • Change 1995

  • Marvellous 1995

  • Perfect 1995

  • Ready or not 1996

  • Three lions 1996

  • What if 1996

  • Sugar coated iceberg 1997

  • You showed me 1997

  • What you say 1997

  • Life’s too short 1999

  • Sweetest soul sensations 2000

  • Song for no one 2006

  • 4 winds 2009

  • Ghosts 2009

  • Don't walk on by 2009

  • Sunshine 2022

  • Walk another mile 2022

  • Emily smiles 2022


Clips :

1989 ... an excellent first title 100 % Pop. With the key a first global success which ideally positions the group for the continuation of events ...

1989 ... a first year of existence which makes them one of the biggest revelations of the moment across the Channel. There is talent in this group, it's clear !

1990 ... a year 1990 which looks nothing like the year 1989. A single title on the counter and which will not even be classified. Cruel turnaround ...

1992 ... they will take 2 years to recover but given the level of success achieved by this title, it was worth the wait. They get here one of their biggest successes and above all confirm all the good that one could think of them. HU-GE !

1992 ... Pop, pop, pop ! The best we can do in this area ! A year 1992 which sees the group perfectly mastering its subject for our greatest pleasure !

1992 ... and even if this title will only experience a level of success after all limited, it is clear that it is an excellent job again !

1992 ... the year 1992 will undoubtedly remain one of the best vintages of the group. This title will not even be classified and yet it is surely one of their titles among the most successful !

1994 ... after a surprisingly empty 1993, the group returns in 1994 to a certain form. Certain form but small production since this year 1994 will be a single title year ...

1995 ... a hint more rock...but really a hint. Pop base is still ubiquitous and it still works just as well

1995 ... the year 1992 was a bloated year in terms of titles, 1995 will be even stronger. Yes Yes, it's possible !

1995 ... this time, it's sweetness and finesse on the menu. My faith, are not bad either in this particular register

1996 ... it is clear that the group is losing momentum. But hey, given what is on the horizon, not too many worries to have for now ...

1996 ... a hymn that will stay in history, both in music and in football across the Channel. The title of the consecration which offers them a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1996 ... after the year 1992, it is the year 1996 which allows them to give the best of themselves. The proof with this last title which ends a year rich in titles with more than certain quality...

1997 ... the adventure continues all the more beautiful even if the decline is evidently set in motion. The group still manages to maintain a sufficient level of quality to stay in the big leagues ...

1997 ... a quirky title, far from their universe and which above all shows a new facet of their talent. They try everything for all with this revisited version of the title of Turtles dating from 1968. Unfortunately, that will not change the situation ...

1997 ... they still believe it a minimum and are right when you see what they still manage to produce. A minimum inspiration that allows them to continue the adventure a little ...

1999 ... almost their one and only Dance hit. Another excellent title to end a decade in which they literally "exploded", making them one of the best English bands of the end of the 20th century

2000 ... they will even attempt the transition to the 2000 decade. A successful transition since they will get their last hit here. An exit through the big door ...

2006...we had every reason to think they wouldn't come back and yet here they are back 6 years later. Unstoppable little guys...

2009...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind them. But what they continue to offer today is far from devoid of interest, that's for sure...

2009... no single will be classified but the album will be. Which shows that the fans of the first hour are still there, fortunately...

2009...titles with certain quality which proves in a certain way that the group has lost none of its talent. It's simply the level of inspiration that has dropped by one iota...

2022...they will disappear from the radar for almost 13 years before making a new unexpected comeback at the start of the 2020s. And once again quality is there...

2022...the number of old glories of the 80s who return during this decade 2020 is impressive. Last stand as they say...

2022...they are back in force and what they offer for the most part is far from ridiculous. We really wonder why they all took so long to come back...


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