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Life of surprises...

Prefab Sprout is an English group formed in the early 80s and originally composed of the McAloon brothers Paddy and Martin. They were quickly joined by Michael Salmon in 1979. Wendy Smith did not arrive until a few years later in 1982.

Their first single "Lions in My Own Garden: Exit someone" was released in 1982.

The first album "Swoon" was released in 1984 but remained a relative success.

A year 1984 which will nevertheless allow them to go from shade to light thanks to the sumptuous "When love breaks down". Single extract from the album "Steve McQueen" which will be released a year later in 1985.

They will have to wait three more years and the year 1988 to reach consecration with the release of the album "From Langley park to Memphis" which contains the essentials "The king of rock'n'roll" and especially the enormous " Cars and girls ”who will smash everything in its path.

Released in 1990 the album "Jordan: the comeback" which will only work in England.

And "Andromeda Heights" in 1997 which was only a small success.

The group will slowly die out until suddenly rising from the ashes in 2009 with a new opus "Let’s change the worl with music" of high quality and which contains in particular the excellent "Ride".

But that's another story….

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Lions in my own garden (Exit someone) 1982

• Don't sing 1984

• When love breaks down 1984

• Appetite 1985

• Johnny Johnny 1986

• Cars and girls 1988

• The king of rock’n’roll 1988

• Hey Manhattan ! 1988

• Nightingales1988

• The golden calf 1989

• Looking for Atlantis 1990

• We let the stars go 1990

• The sound of crying 1992

• If you don't love me 1992

• All the world love lovers 1992

• Life of surprises 1993

• A prisoner of the past 1997

• Electric guitars 1997

• Where the heart is 1999

• Ride 2009


Clips :

1982 ... the very beginnings. At this stage, and despite an obvious sound quality, difficult to imagine the enormous suite that awaits this group in the years to come ...

1984 ... the title of the revelation. We feel the beginners side in the clip and although it goes in all directions, there's potential in this small group, it's clear !

1984 ... the WONDER that changed everything and exploded their notoriety. A huge title, with incredible lyricism and which will surely remain as one of the biggest hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... a sequel that cannot compete with the previous gem as the bar has been set high. But quality is always essential and that's the main thing !

1986 ... a year of transition with only one small title on the clock. Be that as it may, the dynamic which now carries them does not fall back, so no reason to worry !

1988 ... there, on the other hand, it's heavy ! New HUGE hit which confirms, if necessary, the full potential of the group. Surely one of their best titles

1988 ... the year of 4 hits. Including this one who will remain as the biggest of their entire career on the Charts side. Definitely !

1988 ... an incredibly inspired year with a third light and airy title. Everything to please !

1988 ... all smoothness and finesse. An Intimist title that once again demonstrates that they are good in all areas !

1989 ... the big potato ! We go from one extreme to another with this title which spins at 200 km/h. The main thing is above all to avoid going off the road as they say !

1990 ... a new decade which begins on the wheel hats with a new hit with the key. Rather auspicious for the continuation of the events !

1990 ... new sweet title of the most beautiful inspiration which magically suspends time. A habit with them !

1992 ... which will remain as their biggest hit of the decade. Quality that does not weaken despite 10 years of career already on the counter. The brand of the Great !

1992 ... a pure Dance title. New to them and my faith, it works perfectly. The group will have perfectly understood the specific evolutions of each decade in terms of sound. HU-GE !

1992 ... another excellent year with no less than 3 notable hits. An unceasingly renewed inspiration which does not weaken by an Iota

1993 ... and what about that one ! The group is constantly renewed thanks to an inspiration in perpetual movement. All good !

1997 ... surely one of their best titles. HUGE title which shows once again the full extent of their talent !

1997 ... a simple ballad but which works my faith very well once again. Nothing exceptional but a good job !

1999 ... the end of the 90's which ends very smoothly and in finesse. An Intimist niche in which they will have really excelled. And it's not quite finished ...

2009 ... 25 years after their debut, listen to me ! A beautiful return ! MAS-TER-FUL !


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