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Life isn’t easy in Germany...

And One is a German group formed in Berlin in 1989 by Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz. Who will be joined by Alex Two in 1991. Group whose particularity is to be very influenced in terms of sound by the English group Depeche Mode.

Not much information about them except that they released their first single "Metal hammer" in 1990 and it set a lot of Dancefloor on fire.

Followed a year later in 1991 by their first album "Anguish", which received a rather enthusiastic reception.

Other albums followed, but they were only very successful.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Metalhammer 1990

  • Techno man 1991

  • Turn the nation 1992

  • Life isn’t easy in Germany 1993

  • Driving with my darling 1994

  • Deutschmaschine 1995

  • Sweety sweety 1997

  • Get you closer 1998

  • Enjoy the unknown 2006

  • Shouts of joy 2012


Clips :

1990 ... the resemblance to Depeche Mode is obvious from the start. A first title which shows all the potential. But which also shows that there is still work to be done to equal the Masters ...

1991 ... well, for the moment, they are more experimental. It is clear that at this stage, the group cannot yet play in the big leagues

1992 ... the progression is slow and the group is still struggling to find a style that everyone can hear. Must and can do better !

1993 ... clear progress. The group finally produces the necessary efforts and the quality level is clearly affected

1994 ... 100 % electronic, 100 % made in Germany. A style very particular to this country and which differs from the English New-Wave. While being deeply inspired by it ...

1995 ... good and bad. This title will rather be part of the 2nd category. An inspiration that fluctuates over the pieces produced ...

1997 ... inspiration is back. An astonishing group with a very heterogeneous production and which produces the best as well as the worst ...

1998 ... an originality and a style all their own. What is certain is that we cannot blame them for trying what others do not dare to try ...

2006 ... we will have to wait for the 2000s to see them finally reach the level that should always have been theirs. The resemblance to Depeche Mode is almost perfect...and necessarily in a good way !

2012 ... and yes, still there. Resistant little guys. And their sound has nothing to envy to the youngsters of the moment. Respect !


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