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Let there be light !

Fiat Lux is an English group formed in 1982 in Wakefield by Steve Wright and David P Crickmore. Who will be joined quickly by Ian Nelson and Bill Nelson.

Their first single "Feels like winter again" was released in 1982 and found a rather positive echo on the radio. Media exposure that allows them to sign with Polydor.

They went on to experience two major successes with "Secrets" in 1983 on the one hand and "Blue emotion" in 1984 on the other.

The failure of the single "House of Thorns" will result in the premature departure of Cricmore, which will inevitably result in the slow disintegration of the group.

A relatively unknown group of the New-Wave wave, this talented group produced singles of obvious quality that would have deserved wider recognition.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Feels like winter again 1982

  • Photography 1983

  • Aquae vitae 1983

  • Secrets 1984

  • Blue emotion 1984

  • House of thorns 1984

  • Solitary lovers 1985

  • The moment 1985

  • It's you 2018

  • Everyday in heaven 2019

  • We can change the world 2019

  • (How will we ever) Work this way 2020

  • Hope 2021

  • It wasn't supposed to be now 2021

  • This is your lifetime 2021


Clips :

1982 ... the first steps of a small group which will quickly become one of the very best of the New-Wave wave. Let there be light !

1983 ... a truly unique sound and style among all. A group that will nevertheless remain somewhat unrecognized when he would have deserved much greater recognition than it was ...

1983 ... an inspiration always astonishing which makes it possible to produce pieces which are not less !

1984 ... it will be necessary to wait for the year 1984 to see their first single classified. A deserved recognition and which is not the last

1984 ... the year of all success. This one will remain as the greatest. The title of the consecration that allows the group to definitely mark its era and the musical history of the 80s

1984 ... a third title to end the year in style. Certainly, it will not be the most successful but whatever, the year was remarkable !

1985 ... the adventure was beautiful but it is close to an end. This does not prevent the group from producing titles of certain quality once again

1985 ... all in finesse, all in softness. What better way to turn the page definitely ... MA-GIC !

2018 ... who would have believed it? We thought they were definitely lost and now they are reborn from their ashes in a spectacular fashion. We want more !

2019 ... what's crazy is that it feels like we left them yesterday. Often, when groups are reborn, the singer's voice is not the same. There, nothing has changed !

2019 ... a bluffing level of inspiration for a group that began their career in ... 1982. Like what, talent, when you have it, is forever !

2020 ... and here they are entering their 5th decade of existence, and yes, who would have believed it ? And once again, they demonstrate with this title that we will have to count on them for years to come !

2021...the proof with this new album ! A new opus which shows once again that this group could have - and should have - been among the greatest...

2021... where most of the bands of their time have already disappeared for a long time, they are still there. A new proof of their know-how well above the general average...

2021...great work as always ! With this group, never bad surprises, only good ones. And we honestly hope that he has more in store for us...


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