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Gold is a French group from the so-called “A la Toulousaine” sector formed in 1982 and composed of 5 members : Lucien Crémadès, Alain Llorca, Bernard Mazauric, Etienne Salvador and the emblematic singer better known under the name of Emile Wandelmer .

At the origin of the origin is "The Gold-fingers", a group of high school students from Gaillac and formed in the early 60s.

A group that will expand, gain in quality, recruit Emile Wandelmer in 1967, retroscturate almost entirely to give birth in 1982 to a first album of which 6 titles will be signed Emile Wandelmer.

And it’s the same year that the band officially became “Gold”.

But it is only 2 years after the miracle will take place with the release of the single "Plus près des étoiles", a single dedicated to boat people.

The title was released in 1984 but only in the southwest. And it’s a success. It is then broadcast nationally and ten months later, it officially enters the french Top50. It will remain classified 24 weeks.

At the end of 1985, it was the single "Capitaine abandonné" which was released. Single that pays tribute to the navigator Philippe Jeantot. He will be N ° 1 in the top for almost a month in February 86.

Also in 86, it was the single "Ville de lumière", a single tribute to the city of Beirut, which came out and stayed 29 weeks at the Top50. He will never succeed in reaching 1st place in the Top, which was then taken over by the enormous ... "Démons de minuit" !

Also released the 2nd album "Calicoba" which will extract the 3rd extract "Laissez nous chanter" which was released in 1987 and which in turn was a hit. The album will finish Platinum Disc.

In 1988 came out the 4th album, "Bleu" which will be titled "Rio de Janvier". Success is less.

Then in 1989, the single "Diamant dort" was released. Still a relative success, the group is obviously slowing down.

There are more and more disagreements between the members of the group and Emile Wandelmer decides to leave.

Emile Wandelmer who will join some time later with the group "Images", association which will prove particularly successful thereafter.

Gold will remain in the history of the 80s as one of the major groups of the decade on the French side. And this in the same way as Indochine, Téléphone or Les Rita Mitsouko.

Who will all, by their sound and / or their unique look, have left a trace in the music which will last long after their disappearance.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Tropicana 1982

• Plus près des étoiles 1984

• Capitaine abandonné 1985

• Ville de lumière 1986

• Laissez nous chanter 1987

• Calicoba 1987

• Demain sans doute 1987

• Au delà du rideau 1988

• Rio de janvier 1988

• Diamant dort 1989

• Ile d'Aran 1990


Clips :

1982 ... one of the very first titles. We already feel the potential of the group but it is clear that there is still work to be done ...

1984 ... the hit of the revelation. A HUGE title that reveals a group with obvious talent and which will become one of the major references of the 80s on the French side

1985 ... and already the consecration hit. What will surely remain as one of their most emblematic titles. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... the WONDER ! A highly luminous song that magically suspends time. They will have been as good in Dance as in Intimist. The brand of the Great !

1987 ... the mega hit that made them definitely enter the musical legend of the 80s. One of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. HU-GE !

1987 ... a constantly renewed inspiration that works wonders title after title. Each title that comes out is an event in itself

1987 ... even if the group no longer meets the same level of success as in the past, it is clear that the qualitative level remains very high and that is already it !

1988 ... a unique style and voice that really makes all the difference and keeps the band among the best bands of the moment. Still for a long time ...?

1988 ... despite an obvious quality, the success is less and we approach slowly but surely the exit door ...

1989 ... a superb ballad to end the decade in style, ideal for celebrating the enormous talent of this group which will forever remain one of the best of the decade !

1990 ... despite the still obvious quality of some songs, the change of decade will unfortunately be the most unfavorable to the group ...


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