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Let them give us all their love...

Very little interesting news on Chip Chip except that it is an Italian concept-project as it was done at the time and which produced several hits classified Italo-Disco.

For that alone we had to devote an article to it.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Never say goodbye 1986

  • So close to heaven 1987

  • Rock me tonight 1987

  • No more tears 1988

  • Everything you love 1988

  • Let me give you all my love 1989

  • Close to me 1990

  • Radio 1990

  • Nobody nobody 1991

  • Motion 1991

  • Let the music play 1992

  • Oh guy 1993


Clips :

1986 ... the trend is given immediately. It will be 100% Italo Disco. And the real thing, not the low-level copy !

1987 ... sudden acceleration in Hi-NRG mode. End of 80 obliges. Knowing how to adapt, the key word at the end of the decade

1987 ... a 1000 % Italo Disco group that will undeniably remain as one of the most prolific of the decade. And the most talented !

1988 ... surely one of their most successful titles. 1000 % Dance, 1000 % HI-NRG, a fantastic mirror of the time !

1988 ... well, like most groups in this current, we'll never know if the girls in the pictures are really singing but that's okay, we'll pretend ...

1989 ... it's going fast, very fast, faster and faster. Not easy for the dancers to follow such a rhythm ...

1990 ... a change of decade taking place at a steady pace, to say the least !

1990 ... a concept that lasts, lasts, lasts. Already 4 years at the top, rare in a field where everything is disposable at will

1991 ... still as effective. Titles that will rarely reach the top but still hold water

1992 ... in the purest Italo Disco style. All enhanced with a hint of Hi-NRG. 1000 % Dance !

1993 ... well, this time, it is indeed the end of the adventure. A beautiful adventure on horseback over 2 decades which ends as it began : in rhythm !


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