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Let's make a place for them...

The Comateens is an American group formed in 1978 in New York by Nic North and Ramona Jan. Duo who will be joined quickly by Lyn Bird. And finally by Oliver North, Nic's full brother.

A first eponymous album was released in 1980, which contained a number of somewhat bizarre luxury covers.

It was not until the year 1983 that they finally took off with the release of the album "Pictures on a string". Album from which will be extracted mainly the flagship single "Get off my case". But it was the single "The late mistake" which would be the most successful outside the United States and which in the end remained the best known.

A last album "Deal with it" was released in 1984, but it was not very successful after all. Only the single "Don’t come back" will come out on top.

The group would eventually go their separate ways the following year. Oliver North succumbed to a heroin overdose three years later in 1987.

Nic North and Lyn Bird will reconstitute the group in 1988 but that will not change the situation. They will nevertheless experience a half-success with the resumption in 1991 of the title of Julien Clerc "Fais moi un place" which will become "A place for me" ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Late night city 1981

  • Ghosts 1981

  • Nightmare 1982

  • Get off my case 1983

  • Pictures on a string 1983

  • Cold eyes 1983

  • The late mistake 1983

  • Resist her 1984

  • Don’t come back 1984

  • Love will follow you 1985

  • Stay with me 1988

  • Don’t give me up 1989

  • A place for me 1991


Clips :

1981 ... very rock beginnings, which do not bode well for the future. On the other hand, what is certain is that there is quality in this small group ...

1981 ... the sonic evolution is evident. The synth has taken precedence over the guitars. The best is yet to come, that's for sure

1982 ... well, it's clear that the best is yet to come but there is still a little work to do. Let's be patient, it won't be long ...

1983 ... the group subtly mixes the 2 dominant influences of the moment. A funk synth/rhythmic mix with a surprising result but just as nice ...

1983 ... then here comes the beginning of serious things. The year 1983 really marks the starting point for the group's take-off. The Comateens style is now in place !

1983 ... a very astonishing title, which has nothing to do with its predecessor. Anyway, an inspired title that largely holds up

1983 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of their best titles. The style, the inspiration, everything is there to make this song a real success. HU-GE !

1984 ... there are inspirations and songs that are a little less so. This one would rather be part of the 2nd category ...

1984 ... they constantly alternate the all-comer and the really inspired. Another piece of certain quality and which shows that they should especially not be underestimated ...

1988 ... a small 3 years air gap followed by a comeback which once again shows that this group deserves all our highest consideration !

1991 ... a nice cover of the title by Julien Clerc dating from 1990. A nice farewell gift to end an adventure which will have made them one of the most original groups of the decade


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