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Let's give him a night ... he deserves it !

Georges Benson is an American singer, originally a gifted jazz musician. He entered the musical career from the age of 8, performing in small groups and even recorded first titles at the age of 9. It is at the age of 20 that he decides to leave for New York where he will meet some big names like Herbie Hancock, Wes Montgomery…. He quickly became one of the best jazz guitarists. It was in 1976 that things accelerated when he recorded his first partially sung album, namely "Breezin", from which the title ‘This Masquerade" came out, which quickly became a hit. But it was especially 2 years later, in 1978, that he released the flagship title "On Broadway". His career as a successful singer is officially launched. And it was under the impulse of a certain Quincy Jones that he released in 1980 what was to become one of the biggest successes of the year across the Atlantic, namely the now cult "Give me the night". Other successful hits will follow, including the single "Turn your love around" in 1981, "Inside love" in 1983 ... His last major success was the single "Let’s do it again" in 1988. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• My woman's good to me 1969

• Supership 1975

• This masquerade 1976

• Breezin' 1976

• Nature boy 1977

• Everything must change 1977

• The greatest love off all 1977

• On Broadway 1978

• Lady blue 1978

• Love ballad 1979

• Give me the night 1980

• Love X love 1980

• Never give up on a good thing 1981

• Love all the hurt away 1981

• Turn your love around 1981

• Inside love (So personal) 1983

• Lady love me 1983

• Feel like makin' love 1983

• In your eyes 1983

• 20/20 1984

• I just wanna hang around you 1985

• Nothing's gonna change my love for you 1985

• Kisses in the moonlight 1986

• Shiver 1986

• Teaser 1987

• Twice the love 1988

• Let’s do it again 1988

• I'll keep your dreams alive 1995

• Standing together 1998


Clips :

1969 ... the first quality steps which inevitably lead, at some point, to a first success...

1975 ... this time, success is no longer limited to the United States. But indeed to the whole planet !

1976 ... the title of the revelation. A magnificent ballad to launch, for good, the artist's sung career

1976 ... he surely signs here one of the most emblematic songs of the 70s. Instrumental piece which will nevertheless become one of the most beautiful titles of this decade !

1977 ... and what about that one. A rhythmic title while being a marvel of finesse and sweetness ...

1977 ... speaking of wonder and finesse, this one is not bad either. Definitely what we do best in the charming ballad !

1977 ... an absolutely sumptuous year for the artist who saw his notoriety literally explode on a planetary level

1978 ... the HUGE tube which indisputably consecrates him as one of the greatest artists of the moment. He simply signs here one of the biggest hits of the 70s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1978 ... one of the undisputed masters of charming XXL caliber ballads. He connects them at a speed more than impressive !

1979 ... then suddenly the tempo suddenly accelerates. And this is only the beginning because the future promises to be most incredible

1980 ... and the HUGE sequel, here she is. What will remain as his Masterpiece, a mega hit that sets fire to all Dancefloor on the planet. Surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the end of the XXth century. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1980 ... a unique Dance style, unmistakable thanks to this special guitar touch that makes all the difference !

1981 ... 1980 was an exceptional year. 1981 will more or less approach her. A dynamic that nothing and no one can stop !

1981 ... the duo of shock and charm Premium quality version. When 2 stars of the moment make a beef, inevitably, that ensures !

1981 ... new world class mega hit. Without a doubt one of the greatest singers of this early 80s !

1983 ... after an 82 year blank, we find him at the top of his form. In particular thanks to this title once again in the inimitable jazzo-funky style and of which he is truly the undisputed master

1983 ... in the same vein. With a hint of sweetness in addition. What talent !

1983 ... it's groove serious, to say the least. The beginning of the 1980s on the wheel hats !

1983 ... a new foray into the Intimist field which allows him to produce one of the most beautiful Utimate Slows of the moment. MA-GIC !

1984 ... 20 out of 20, that's the case! A title with the frenzied rhythm and which hits, once again !

1985 ... the only notorious hit of the year. But what a hit! A sumptuous and particularly inspired Ultimate Slow once again

1985 ... and yes, the original singer of one of the most famous Ultimate Slow of the decade is him. It will only later become a global mega hit thanks to the takeover of Glenn Medeiros

1986 ... the years go by without talent or inspiration weakening by an Iota. The brand of the Great !

1986 ... a discography that grows from year to year and which will undoubtedly remain one of the most brilliant of the decade

1987 ... almost 20 years after his debut, the artist is still on top and has not lost anything of his superb. The Class !

1988 ... and it continues, and it continues, and it continues. Tireless, the artist continues to produce songs with more than certain quality !

1988 ... pure Benson juice. Always the same ultra effective melodic base which has become over the years its trademark ...

1995 ... then, big air hole for 7 years. An obvious lack of inspiration that will only produce minor titles. We must therefore wait for the year 95 and this duo of shock and charm to see him return, temporarily, to the race

1998 ... the last notorious hit. After 30 years of career. Who says better ? Not many competitors in terms of longevity, that's clear !


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