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Lena the Belgian...

Very little info about 2 Belgen, apart from the fact that it is a Belgian group formed in Ghent in 1982 by Rembert de Smet and Herman Celis.

Group which will remain mainly in the musical history of the Eighties for the title "Lena" released in 1985. Single which will know a nice success on the old continent this year there.

As such alone, he deserved this article.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The third from the left in the top row 1982

  • Quand le film est triste 1982

  • Mustapha 1983

  • Opération coup de poing 1984

  • Call me 1984

  • Queen of mine 1985

  • Lena 1985

  • Energy 1986

  • Kisses sweet and sour 1986

  • In the night 1987

  • Cara & Sara 1988


Clips :

1982 ... few Belgian groups at the top in this decade of the 80s. We might as well underline the course of this one which will prove to be most interesting ...

1982 ... on the other hand, what is clear is that they should be classified in the 'wacky' category. There will therefore be good, and at least necessarily good, as very often in these cases ...

1983 ... it is obvious that it will be difficult for them to finish at the top of the Charts with titles with such an indefinable style. Kamikaze rock'n'roll the little guys ...

1984 ... they mix all styles, all influences and suddenly it is impossible to really place them on the chessboard. We get lost in it ...

1984 ... they alternate songs in French, songs in English, a group that alternates anything and everything. A daring and above all very risky decision ...

1985 ... the year that finally saw them reach a world-class level of inspiration. Suddenly, the titles produced allow them to achieve the semblance of planetary recognition so expected

1985 ... a worldwide recognition which reaches its culmination thanks to this title. The group produces here what will surely remain as its most emblematic title and especially the most successful. It was high time. HU-GE !

1986 ... the group has finally found a semblance of rhythm and proceeds quietly. Nothing exceptional but a good job, that's clear !

1986 ... a style which will remain shifted to the end but which will still have managed to find its balance point in the middle of the decade

1987 ... it took them a while to find their definitive style but now that it's done, the band can finally try to measure themselves against the competition. Like what, nothing is ever lost ...

1988 ... an adventure which will not have lasted for decades but which will at least have shown that there is talent in this small group


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