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Late flowering lust...

The Hollow Men is an English group formed in Leeds and originally composed of David Ashmoore, Choque, Howard Taylor, Brian E Roberts and Jonny Cragg.

Group which released a first single "Late flowering lust" in 1985, single which will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed.

The albums "Tales of the riverbank" in 1986 and "The man who would be king" in 1988 did not do much better.

Only the album "Cresta" released in 1990 will know the favors of the public in particular thanks to the single "November comes" which will be released a year later in 1991. Single which will be the only classified title of all the group's discography and which will not prevent not the separation of the group the same year.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Late flowering lust 1985

  • The drowning man 1989

  • White train 1989

  • The moon a baloon 1990

  • November comes 1991

  • Pink panther 1991


Clips :

1985 ... the tone is trendy, as is the style. A successful start to say the least but which unfortunately will not pay more than that ...

1989 ... big air gap of 4 years and here they are again in this year 1989 in a certain form. The style has been refined, as has the melody. And yet, it will not pay more ...

1989 ... a group which would have deserved a recognition much higher than what it was and which will spend its time chasing after a success which they will obtain only very rarely. Hard law of the trade ...

1990 ... they will try the transition to the 90s but that will not change the situation unfortunately. A group that will always remain confidential to say the least ...

1991 ... their only classified title. They will have at least had one ! It just goes to show that you should never despair and always believe in a miracle !

1991 ... a light discography and a career that will have been just as much in terms of duration. But whatever, the quality is better than the quantity as they say !


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