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The Lady completely "Aware"...

In 1978, in the United Kingdom, while the country was shaken head-on by the punk wave, landed an alien by the name of Kate Bush with an improbable, incredible, surrealistic look and which fascinated from its first appearance. His first single "Wuthering Heigts" will immediately become one of the most significant songs of the decade and allow himself the luxury of staying 4 weeks in the UK Singles Chart, nothing less.

Discovered while she is still a teenager by David Gilmour, guitarist of the group Pink Floyd (we will hardly find better in terms of sponsor !), This artist, atypical and full of talent, will cross the 80s like a muse, infusing a current positive wave in this brute world. And will leave us major titles such as Babooshka, Running up that Hill, Sensual world ...

Incredibly popular in England, the Lady now takes advantage of the time that goes by and devotes herself to some personal projects far from the escapades and glitter of show biz ...

Discography (among others ...) :

• Wuthering Heights 1978

• The man with the child in his eyes 1978

• Them heavy people 1978

• Hammer horror 1978

• Wow 1979

• Breathing 1980

• Babooshka 1980

• Army dreamers 1980

December will be magic again 1980

• Sat in your lap 1981

The dreaming 1982

There goes a tenner 1982

• Suspended in Gaffa 1982

• Ne t'enfuis pas 1983

• Running up that hill 1985

• Cloudbusting 1985

• Hounds of love 1986

• The big sky 1986

• Don’t give up 1986

• Experiment IV 1986

• Sensual world 1989

• This woman's work 1989

• Love and hanger 1990

• Rocket man 1991

• Rubberband girl 1993

• Moments of pleasure 1993

The red shoes 1994

Eat the music 1994

The man I love 1994

• And so is love 1994

• King of the mountain 2005

• Lyra 2007

• Deeper understanding 2011

• Wild man 2011


Clips :

1978 ... the shattering beginnings of an alien who will prove to be one of the greatest artists of this end of the XXth century. She signed one of the biggest hits of the 70s, just that ! The legend Bush is now on the move ...

1978 ... a title totally opposite of the first. This time, it's all in finesse and emotions. But whatever her style, she vividly confirms all the good that one could think of her ...

1978 ... a first year of exceptional existence which sees a Kate explode and shine with a thousand lights. And it is only the start of a career that will turn out to be incredibly incredible !

1978 ... an extremely prolific and endless 1978 year. We find once again a wacky Kate at will, an almost permanent state at home that makes all its charm !

1979 ... a moment of pure emotion with a timeless title that makes your ears sound good ! In just 2 years she will have become one of the biggest planetary phenomena and it’s off to last like that for a bunch of years !

1980 ... after a 1979 single title year, we could have feared the worst for the future. Given what is on the horizon, no fear to have. On the contrary !

1980 ... and it is THIS title which will definitively change its destiny. An incredible title which will remain as one of its jewels and as one of the most important hits of the decade, if not of the end of the 20st century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... a surrealist title which speaks of a mother who mourns her dead son during military maneuvers. Pure Kate Bush, the only one who can dare to tackle such a topic ...

1980... not much to do with the previous title, that's clear. Or the art of going from one extreme to another as they say...

1981 ... we almost come to doubt Kate's mental health at times ... But that's what makes her charming too. An absolutely unique model !

1982...after 4 years which will have seen her grow exponentially, the year 1982 will see her do a little on the spot. Anyway, no worries about the rest of the events...

1982... the singer is always excessive, but it's the musical inspiration that leaves something to be desired. Hence a result in the Charts altogether mixed...

1982 ... well, it does not get better behavior side, it's the least we can say. But the musical quality is still there and that's the main thing...

1983 ... after a year 1982 which saw the singer fall in an astonishing and especially brutal way in the Charts, we hoped for a rapid rebound during the year 1983. Unfortunately, 1983 will be even worse than 1982. But what about her does it happen ...?

1985 ... after a completely empty year in 1984, we could have feared the worst. But that was without counting on his extraordinary talent. She returns in this year 1985 in an incredible form and delivers here quite simply the 2nd biggest hit of all her discography. An interplanetary tube which definitively consecrates her as one of the greatest artists of this end of the century. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1985 ... she repeats in stride with this title which will do almost as well as the previous one. Success is back again and it's nice to see. Especially to hear !

1986 ... a Lady who finally begins to settle down. We find her in almost normal clips. Kate Bush Season 2 is now on ....

1986 ... drive away the natural, it gallops. There is nothing to do, she is like that ! Unfortunately, as much his whimsical side worked from the fire of god at the beginning of the decade, as much he ends up boring in this middle of the decade ...

1986 ... new global mega hit this time in duet. And what a duo ! When you bring together 2 huge stars of the moment and longtime friends, inevitably, the result is up to par. A sumptuous title composed by Peter Gabriel that he originally intended for ... Dolly Parton. No, no, you're not dreaming...

1986 ... a continuation which inevitably struggles to compete with the previous jewel. And on the clip side, it's always great delirium, as usual. But we don't even pay attention to force anymore ...

1989 ... after 3 years of absence, winning return for this high class title with strong Celtic accents. Once again we thought she was lost, it was very bad to know her as always. MA-GNI-FI-CENT, quite simply !

1989 ... a magnificent sweet break to end in beauty a decade which will have propelled the artist to the highest peaks of fame. It remains to be seen now whether the next decade will be as favorable ...

1990 ... between two decades, between two styles, between 2 possible suites. On this one, we are going to say that it starts off rather badly rated success in the Charts. But with her, nothing is ever finished ...

1991 ... fortunately his inspiration is regenerated at an incredible speed and always allows her to rebound in a spectacular way. The proof with this title which puts her once again in the race !

1993 ... 15 years after its beginnings, still there and still the potato. Even if the year 1992 was another empty year, this does not prevent her from returning to this year 1993 in a certain form once again. With the key a new mega hit, one more !

1993 ... no, definitely, she can never do anything normally ... A sublime title carried by a clip once again...wacky. We won't remake her again, that's clear

1994...the year 1994 will not be as prosperous as the year 1993 unfortunately. The years go by but are not necessarily alike...

1994...a style, far, very far from his usual standards. She decided to explore new musical paths at first sight but the basic fans will not follow her on this path unfortunately... she covers a title by George Gershwin dating from..1924. A nice version but which will not bring much more than the original version...

1994 ... what, a calm Kate who doesn't jump to the ceiling. Rare images ! Miracle, we finish the above because we will probably have no other chance to do it ...

2005... come on, the adventure is not quite over. While we thought that the singer had hung up the gloves for good, here she comes back 11 years later on the front of the stage in a totally unexpected way to say the least. You should know that with her nothing is ever finished !

2007...and here she even appears on the soundtrack of the film 'Golden Compass'. A title that literally floats in the air but will go somewhat unnoticed...

2011... she will even attempt the transition to the 2010 decade, who would have believed it. And even if she will not reach the first places of the Charts, she will still succeed in classifying this title. Respect as they say !

2011... will this title be the last of her career ? Only the future will tell, but with her we must always expect a reversal of the situation, to say the least unexpected. So to be continued...


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