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Toto Cutugno is an Italian singer-songwriter who started his artistic career not as a singer, but as a drummer. Before forming a group called Albatros, a group that will allow him to popularize his own songs.

It was in 1976 that he first stood out with his group when he participated in the Sanremo Festival with the title "Volo AZ-504". Festival which he won 4 years later with the title "Solo noi", a title which will bring him his first major success.

But it was not until 1983 to finally achieve worldwide recognition thanks to the enormous single "L’Italiano", single which remains to this day his most successful record.

In the years that will follow, even if the singer will never equal the performance achieved on the previous track, he will still finish 6 times second at the San Remo Festival with tracks like "Serenata" in 1984, "Figli" in 1987, “Emozioni” in 1988, “Le mamme” in 1989 and “Gli amori” in 1990.

A year 1990 which will remain one of his best vintages since he also won the Grand Eurovision Song Contest that year with the title "Insieme : 1992", just that ! Title which will be his last notorious success.

The artist will have had several very high caliber successes in a personal capacity but also by composing for others in particular for Joe Dassin to whom he will offer on a set 2 of his major titles namely "L'été indien" and "Et si tu n'existais pas”. But also for Dalida to whom he will give one of his biggest Dance hits with the title "Laissez moi danser".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • L'été indien 1975 (Joe Dassin)

  • Volo AZ-504 (Albatros) 1976

  • Donna donna mia 1977

  • Voglio l’anima 1979

  • Solo noi 1980

  • La mia musica 1981

  • L’italiano 1983

  • Serenata 1984

  • Mi piacerebbe (andare al mare al lunedi) 1985

  • Azzurra malinconia 1986

  • Figli 1987

  • Emozioni 1988

  • Le mamme 1989

  • Gli amori 1990

  • Insieme : 1992 1990

  • Quelli come noi 1991

  • Che sera 1992

  • Voglio andare a vivere in campagna 1995


Clips :

1975 ... the absolutely sumptuous gift that he will give to Joe Dassin. He composes here quite simply one of the most beautiful titles of this end of the XXth century, a title which will undoubtedly remain as one of the Masterpieces of the Intimist register on the French side. A-MA-ZING !

1976 ... the singer gradually emerges from the shadows. A singer who will become in a few years one of the indisputable and undisputed stars of Italian song !

1977 ... who would imagine at this stage that this song, when it will be transposed into a French version for Hervé Vilard the following year, will become one of the flagship titles of the end of the decade on the French side. A quality of writing in the Intimist decidedly extraordinary !

1979 ... the Italian version of what will become a huge hit in France. And yes, one more ! A certain Dalida will cover it under the title "Laissez moi danser". We know the rest ...!

1980 ... the beginning of the solo consecration. He finally won San Remo with this title, a victory that will make him one of the big phenomena of the moment ...

1981 ... a recognizable style, just like the voice. A factory brand that will always set him apart from the crowd and that will do wonders for the following title ...

1983 ... then THIS title comes ! The title of the ultimate consecration which will forever remain as his Masterpiece and which offers him a direct ticket to posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... he will never repeat the feat achieved on the previous title but he will all the same make the heyday of the Festival of San Remo for a few more years ...

1985 ... what was the strength of his unique style at the beginning of the 80s will isolate him more and more during the second half of the decade. Tastes change as they say ...

1986 ... it is clear that he is struggling to situate himself in this second half of the decade. The talent is still there but it's the style that is starting to look a little outdated ...

1987 ... even if he continues to exist in Italy, it is clear that he is gradually disappearing from international radars. Hard law of the trade ...

1988 ... a title with a certain lyricism but the goodwill of the singer is no longer sufficient to keep him in contact with the best. An end of the adventure slowly but surely on the horizon ...

1989 ... he evidently missed the train of changes at the end of the decade. His style is now really too out of step with the rest of the competition ...

1990 ... his talent is still evident but what young people expect is far from what he now offers. Only his base fans remain to still believe in him ...

1990 ... his last major success. Even if he will continue to produce albums, these will go somewhat unnoticed ...

1991 ... and yet, it is clear that he still has some under the pedal. When we see this kind of title, everything could still have been possible ...

1992 ... a track which spins at the speed of light and which shows above all that he does not intend to let go. But at some point, we will still have to give way to young people ...

1995 ... the adventure continues for good. But there is only him to believe in it now. A desire to move forward that commands respect and that we can only salute. Hats off to this artist who can always boast of having written several exceptional titles !


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