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Kent, Mickey and their blonde pin-up...

Starshooter is a French group formed in 1975 in Lyon by Kent Hutchinson, Jello, Mickey Snack and Phil Pressing.

The first two years, the group will mainly perform as opening act for period heavyweights such as Higelin or Iggy pop.

And it wasn't until 1977 that things started to really pick up speed when they signed with EMI, a label that allowed them to release their first single "Pin-Up blonde" in the process.

After a remarkable start, things suddenly took a completely different turn when the single "Get baque" was released in 1978. Controversial single against the backdrop of a hijacking of the Beatles' title "Get back", a group that EMI also has in its catalog. The single is very quickly withdrawn from the bins.

This incident was quickly forgotten thanks to the single "Betsy party" which quickly reached the top of the hit parade and which created an event in France with its very "rock" side, a sound that was still rare for the time. The group becomes the equal of another small group called ... Téléphone !

The eponymous first album was released in the wake and in turn became popular with the public.

This will be much less the case of the next album "Mode" which comes out in 1979. Despite the efforts of the group to evolve on the sound side and more stick to the times, the album will only experience limited success.

Ditto for the album "Chez les autres", which, despite original titles like "Machines à laver" and "Louis, Louis, Louis", did not meet with the expected success. Repeated failures which will inexorably push the group to the door of EMI.

The group tries everything for everything, signs with CBS and leaves for England to record their new album "Pas fatigué. We are then in 1981. Even if the group has paid particular attention to the style, the too dark side of the album will once again lead the group on the road to failure.

Last failure which will be right of the whole group six months later.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Pin up blonde 1977

  • Get baque 1978

  • Betsy party 1979

  • Ma vie c’est du cinema 1979

  • Loukoum scandale 1979

  • Toi, moi, nous 1980

  • Machine à laver 1980

  • Quel bel avenir 1981

  • Papillon de nuit 1981

  • Léo song 1982


Clips :

1977 ... very rock beginnings, to say the least. Well, there's still a bit of work to be done that's clear. Let's give them time ...

1978 ... a completely crazy title that will quickly create controversy. We do not copy the Beatles as we want, crime of lèse majesté obliges !

1979 ... the sound begins to structure itself. It's still so fast and crazy but the sound is innovative for the time and attracts more and more audiences

1979 ... we immediately see the difference between the titles before and this title. They deliver here a much more structured sound which, paradoxically, does not allow them to explode as it should. Go figure !

1979 ... it's still going so fast, that's a constant with them. In an ocean of Dance titles, their style totally clashes, that's clear. An atypical style which is their strength, and at the same time their weakness ...

1980 ... they really will have done everything for us. After the boosted Rock mode, here they are in reggae ramoumou mode. From one extreme to another ...

1980 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic titles. Crazy but inspired and that changes everything ! HU-GE !

1981 ... a sequel that has nothing to do with its predecessor. The group left in heavy rock and which beats hard. Too strong...

1981 ... the years go by but the group still does not manage to place himself on the musical chessboard of the beginning of the decade. Too bad because there was potential, it's clear ...

1982 ... the one and only time we have seen the band in Intimist mode. A niche that they will have neglected too much for the benefit of pure and hard rock sometimes too aggressive. Pity...


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