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Katrina loves to play with Waves ...

Katrina and the Waves is an Anglo-American group that was born in the mid-1970s under the name The Waves. Group then composed of Kimberley Rew and Alex Cooper. In parallel, another group called Mama’s Cookin and composed of Katrina Leskanich and Vince de la Cruz was created in 1978. Which will merge a few years later to form Katrina and the Waves.

The beginnings were rather laborious and the albums "Walking on sunshine" and "Katrina and the Waves 2" which were released in 1983 and 1984 respectively met with little success. But enough success to sign with Capitol Records in 1985.

Signature that will change everything because it allows the band to re-record and remix a lot of old tracks that didn't work when they were released. The album "Katrina and the waves" is thus released, an album which will make a real hit this time and produce what will remain as the biggest success of their entire discography, namely the enormous "Walking on Sunshine".

A big year in 1985 which saw them align a second hit with the title "Do you want crying", a title which certainly did not know the success of its predecessor but which largely stood out.

The year 1986 saw the release of the album "Waves", an album which also met with success despite a most painful achievement. He will mainly produce the hits "Is that it ?" and "Sun street".

We will have to wait 3 years and the year 1989 to see the release of the album "Break of hearts", an album with a much more rock sound. A bet that turns out to be counterproductive given the very mixed success of the latter. Only the single "That’s the way" will avoid the sinking.

We think the group is dead, especially after the consecutive failures of the albums "Pet the tiger" in 1991, "Edge of the land" in 1993 and "Turnaround" in 1994. But it's bad to know them because they make a comeback. incredible in 1997 during the Eurovision Song Contest, where they represent England. The track "Love shine a light" they perform will simply win, become a huge hit and allow them to make a shattering comeback in the limelight.

An incredible success that cannot hide the growing tensions within the group, which will eventually implode the following year.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Nightmare 1982

  • Que te quiero 1984

  • Walking on sunshine 1985

  • Do you want crying ? 1985

  • Is that it ? 1986

  • Sun street 1986

  • That’s the way 1989

  • Rock’n roll girl 1989

  • Pet the tiger 1991

  • Tears of a woman 1991

  • Honey lamb 1993

  • Walking where the roses grow 1995

  • Love shine a light 1997

  • Walk on water 1997


Clips :

1982 ... 100 % rock debut to say the least. In a so British style typical of the beginning of the decade. But we also feel like a hint of sound from the USA. A clever mix ...

1984 ... we find them 2 years later, in a style that is still as punchy. But there has been work, that's clear. And the efforts are paying off with a first ranked hit

1985 ... then comes THIS title. A title which spins at the speed of light and which will above all bring them fortune and glory. They are simply signing one of the biggest hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... it hits hard and it goes very fast, 2 omnipresent musical constants which last year after year. So far, it's working pretty well. Hope it lasts ...

1986 ... for the moment, the rock base remains predominant and on this title there, we even have the impression of going back a few years. Astonishing strategy ...

1986 ... an excessively distinctive style which only finds its place, and especially success, in the Anglo-Saxon sphere. This does not prevent the group from continuing on its little path quietly but surely ...

1989 ... small air gap of 3 years and here they are again in this year 1989 in an Olympic form. A salutary break which allows them to deliver a rather inspired title. Race results : notable success to end the decade in style !

1989 ... what is certain is that it is impossible to make them slow down on the tempo side. A refusal to change which unfortunately marginalizes them and prevents them from playing in the court of the Very Great ...

1991 ... a rather difficult start to the 1990s. The group has hardly changed in terms of style since its inception. However, everything has changed around them but only they do not know it ...

1991 ... and as paradoxical as it may seem, when the group finally makes Intimist, they are not even rewarded for their efforts. Despite a more than obvious title quality, it will not even be classified. Go figure ...

1993 ... it will take them 4 years to find their way back to success. And again, small-scale success. But it's always better than nothing as they say ...

1995 ... back to basics and beating in order. Unfortunately, the mayonnaise no longer takes and the group declines slowly but surely ...

1997 ... and the Phoenix is reborn from its ashes. The group rebounded in a masterly way in this year 1997 by simply winning the Eurovision Song Contest. In a style very different from anything they have presented before. Like what, not much was enough for the adventure to end in the most beautiful way. HU-GE !

1997 ... come on, the adventure is not quite over. There is still this title, a title which will offer them a last success thus closing in the best way this magnificent adventure


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