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Karl Heinz and Juliet...

Little to chew on about Bogart Co., a Finnish band. If not that he will experience some significant success with titles like "All the best girls", "Princess" and "C 'my babe".

Just for these few titles - and especially their rather rare origin in the musical landscape of the 80s - we had to devote an article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Karl Heinz and Juliet 1983

  • High on the cliffs 1983

  • Smile for a change 1984

  • All the best girls 1985

  • Teenage love 1985

  • C’ mon babe 1986

  • Princess 1986

  • See the light 1986

  • Hearts break 1987

  • Angels calling 1987

  • I want you 1988

  • Everytime my heart 1988

  • Keep holding on 1988

  • Who steals your heart 1989


Clips :

1983 ... a small group from the cold and which, as often at that time for the Nordic groups, will reveal a talent more than certain

1984 ... the rise in power, and especially in quality, is obvious. We can therefore imagine that the best is yet to come !

1985 ... a sound that straddles the Germans and the Anglo-Saxons, a typical Nordic style, in short the perfect digest of all the major influences of the moment ...

1985 ... it is true that the quality is still quite random depending on the songs. There, it would rather be all coming ...

1986 ... this one, on the other hand, day rather in the category of the particularly accomplished pieces. Surely one of their most emblematic titles ...

1986 ... a BIG year with several big caliber titles. The group has reached maturity and the result is therefore necessarily up to the task !

1986 ... undoubtedly their best title ! A title that is reminiscent of the sound of another leading Nordic group that is Secret Service. The Scandinav 'Touch ! HU-GE !

1987 ... a group that is little known in the end but which produced several titles of more than certain quality. Like what, by digging carefully, we find amazing things produced in the 80s

1987 ... the group tries their hand at Dance. A piece that spins at 200 km/h, certainly. But we must not confuse speed and haste. Pity...

1988 ... this one is definitely more in the rhythmic Dance which works well. Like what, when they want !

1988 ... so there, they try their hand at Hi-NRG. Well, why not. But this niche has always been the preserve of Anglo-Saxons and wanting to compete with them is a bit pretentious. Anyway, the little guys aren't that ridiculous in the end. For clothing, on the other hand, we are squarely in the caricature...and this from the beginning


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