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Just need a friend...

Texas is a Scottish group formed in 1986 by Johnny McElhone and Sharleen Spiteri.

The name of the group would be a reference to the film by Win Wenders "Paris, Texas".

Their first Single "I don’t want a lover" was released in early 1989. It's a global hit !

Their first album "Southside" was released in the process and also performed well.

Three other Singles will be extracted namely "Thrill has gone", "Everyday now" and "Prayer for you". Singles who will not experience the same craze as the enormous first.

The next album "Mothers heaven" was released in 1991. Preceded by the Single "Why believe in you" which was only relatively successful.

The next "In my heart" will not do better. The group will save the furniture with "Alone with you", Single released in 1992 and which will achieve a slightly more glorious journey. An off-album Single, “Tired of being alone”, also released in 1992, will finally allow them to reconnect with the Top20 Charts.

In 1993 the album "Ricks road" was released, preceded by two Singles "So called friend" and "You owe it all to me".

A third Single “So in love with you” was released in 1994.

Good scores but nothing more for the 3.

It was not until 1997 and the release of the flagship Single "Say what you want" to see the group finally reconnect with the Top5 Charts.

A success by calling another, the album "White on blonde" was released shortly after and will stay in history as the group's biggest success. About 1,800,000 copies will be sold ! Album from which will also be extracted "Black eyed boy" which will also end up in the Top5.

New top hit with the Single “Summers son” which will be released two years later in 1999.

Other successful titles will come out thereafter like "Inner smile" in 2001, "Carnival girl" in 2003 and "Getaway" in 2005 but the group will never again find the level of incredible success which he will have known at the end of the decade 90.

Which will not prevent them from continuing the adventure subsequently and producing titles of more than certain quality in future years and decades.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• I don’t want a lover 1989

• Thrill has gone 1989

• Every day now 1989

• Prayer for you 1989

90s Decade :

• Why believe in you 1991

• In my heart 1991

• Alone with you 1992

• Tired of being alone 1992

• So called friend 1993

• So in love with you 1994

• Say what you want 1997

• Halo 1997

• Black eyed boy 1997

• Put your arms around me 1997

• In our lifetime 1999

• Summer son 1999

• When we are together 1999

2000s Decade :

• In demand 2000

• Inner smile 2001

• Carnival girl 2003

• I'll see it through 2003

• Getaway 2005

• Can't resist 2005

• Sleep 2006

2010s Decade :

• The conversation 2013

• Detroit city 2013

• Dry your eyes 2013

• Start a family 2015

• Let's work it out 2017

• Tell that girl 2017

• Midnight 2017

• Can't control 2017

2020s Decade :

• Hi 2020

• Mr Haze 2021

• You can call me 2021

• Unbelievable 2021

• After all 2023

• Keep on talking 2023

• Halo 2024


Tracks :

1989 ... the world is in shock. And especially under the charm of this beautiful and dark brunette by the name of Sharleen. A group out of nowhere and who here surely signs one of the biggest hits of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... a quality suite but which cannot compete with the previous track as the bar has been raised. But a good job all the same !

1989 ... the confirmation of an obvious talent. Undoubtedly this group is one of the most beautiful revelations of this end of decade !

1989 ... 4 titles classified from the first year of existence including 3 top hits and 1 mega hit. Who says better ? A career start to say the least shattering !

1991 ... after an empty year in 1990, they are back in great shape to start this new decade as best as possible

1991 ... a style still as effective, to say the least. Definitely everything to please this group !

1992 ... even if the group does not manage to reproduce the exploit of their very first title, the level remains constant and that is the essential

1992 ... in a more Intimist style, the group plays it more in restraint and it works rather not bad my faith ...

1993 ... a group at the crossroads and looking for himself. A new lease of life is needed. Be patient ...

1994 ... the Beauty has aged, the Beauty has matured, things are evolving slowly but surely. Unfortunately, that does not prevent the group from being at the bottom of the wave in this mid-1990s ...

1997 ... inspiration is back and so is success. A new mega hit that allows them to return to the front of the stage in a smashing fashion. Phew !

1997 ... surprisingly, this title will go somewhat under the radar. And yet it is far from demerit, that is clear. Sometimes you shouldn't try to understand ...

1997 ... a huge year 1997 which sees them align mega hit on mega hit. A resounding return at the height of a decidedly extraordinary talent !

1997 ... and it continues ! Another sumptuous, highly inspired title that literally floats in the air

1999 ... an end of decade of beauty with a year which will produce several of their best titles. 10 years of career on the clock and the group is doing the best it can be. Talent, the real one !

1999 ... and what about that one. Grand once again ! Unquestionably one of the best bands of this end of the XXth century !

1999 ... 2 mega hits and 1 top hit just for 1999. The group is at the height of its possibilities and especially of its art. And it's not over, see you next decade...

2000 ... the group is attacking its 3rd decade in the best possible way with a new star to add to a prize list which already has quite a lot of it. Nothing and no one is able to stop them at this point !

2001 ... not only do they pass the decades with disconcerting ease but they will even allow themselves the luxury of signing here one of their biggest successes. This group is a real war machine, there is no other word !

2003 ... of course they will not release titles every year during this decade but those which will be released hold the road, to say the least. Once again the proof with this title !

2003 ... surprisingly, it is in the titles all in finesse and lightness that the public does not follow them. Frankly, when we see the quality of this title, we wonder why ...

2005 ... the tempo accelerates again and the public returns as if by magic. On the other hand, a notable fact about this title : it will be their last global top hit. Anyway, the adventure is far from over ...

2005 ... the group will seriously begin to do the yoyo now. Once a title works, once a title passes 'through'. This will be the one who will pass 'through' ...

2006 ... the last single of the decade. The decade had started wonderfully well, but the rest turned out to be much more complicated to manage than expected. What a pity...

2013 ... the group will take 7 years to recover. A comeback anyway in great shape with a title that does not lack quality but the only big problem is that the public has been looking elsewhere for years ...

2013 ... especially since the group did not come back to do only some figuration, far from it. They still believe in it and the production of titles during this new decade will prove it in an impressive way ...

2013 ... times are getting harder and harder and the group has lost contact with the front runners for good. From now on, it will be almost an impossible task to put it back together ...

2015 ... goodwill is not lacking, far from it. But the younger generation does not seem to have heard of the group and therefore hardly takes an interest in it ...

2017 ... the sound is trendy, as is the style, but nothing helps. Poor Sharleen has tried everything, the group can not find the top of the Charts ...

2017 ... and yet they put the package in terms of production of titles. But in this case, overproduction only makes matters worse ...

2017 ... a desire to believe in it to the end that commands respect. Especially since the titles which continue to be produced largely hold the road. But the general public does not want to hear anything at first sight ...

2017 ... four titles will be released for this year 2017 alone. We could have hoped for a trend reversal at some point anyway. But nothing will ...

2020 ... and here they are, starting a new decade without asking too many questions. A desire to move forward at all costs that will lead them we do not know where, it is the future that will tell ...

2021 ... so what will this decade of 2020 hold in store for them ? For the moment we are only at the beginning so difficult to project forward. But with them, anything is always possible ...







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