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Enzo Enzo, whose real name is Körin Ternovtzeff, is a French singer-songwriter who started her artistic career not as a singer but as a traveling machinist. And it was while taking care of the lighting of the Téléphone group that she met a certain Olive, a childhood friend of Jean-Louis Aubert.

The same Olive who will start the group Lili Drop and take her as a bassist within the group, an adventure that will last 4 years from 1981 to 1985.

This did not prevent her from releasing a first solo single in 1982 under the pseudo Körin Noviz, a first title called "Je veux jouer à tout". Title that will go somewhat unnoticed ...

New attempt in 1984 with the release of a title called "Blanche Neige" this time for the first time under the nickname Enzo Enzo. Another failure ...

We find her alongside the Franco-Spanish singer Roé between 1985 and 1987 where she tries a musical reorientation flamenco-rock version. It is not this experience that will allow her to come to light unfortunately. Ditto in 1988 with the title "Pacifico" which also does not manage to talk about her more than that.

His first album "Enzo Enzo" which came out two years later in 1990 finally allows her to glimpse the end of the tunnel, in particular thanks to the title "Les yeux ouverts", a title which, unlike the others, will not go unnoticed and which finally launched his solo career for good. A beginning of success which is confirmed with the following title "Deux minutes de soleil en plus".

All the same, she will have to wait for the year 1994 and the release of his second album named "Deux" to see her efforts finally rewarded to meet his expectations. An album carried at arm's length by the huge single "Juste quelqu'un de bien", written by singer Kent, which was released the same year and which would become one of the flagship singles of the year.

New album "Yes" in 1997, album which will not really know the same level of success as its predecessor. Relatively successful album which saw the singer begin a slow but inexorable decline in the years that followed.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Je veux jouer à tout (Körin Noviz) 1982

  • Blanche neige 1984

  • Pacifico 1988

  • Les yeux ouverts 1990

  • Deux minutes de soleil en plus 1990

  • A donde voy ? 1992

  • La même lune que moi 1994

  • Juste quelqu’un de bien 1994

  • Les naufragés volontaires 1995

  • Les idées bizarres 1997

  • L'amour est un alcool 1998

  • Enfin seuls ! 1999

  • Ils s'adorent 2001

  • A toute berzingue 2002

  • Ca me suffit 2004


Clips :

1982 ... debuts in reggae mode which did not position her ideally, that's clear. Especially compared to what young audiences expect at the start of the decade ...

1984 ... an atypical style and sound for the time, once again. Its offset positioning is as daring as it is risky. Attention danger...

1988 ... it took her 4 more years to finally start sticking to the musical standards of the time. But the lesson is learned and the result is damn up to the task, finally !

1990 ... she revisits here the title of Ozzie Nelson dating from 1931 and my faith the result is far from being ridiculous. It remains to release THE title that will set her apart from the rest of the competition once and for all ...

1990 ... the potential is real and just waiting to be expressed. But she still can't come up with the title that could change everything. Patience, patience ...

1992 ... the Intimist niche is particularly demanding and cannot stand half measures. She'll have to raise her playing level a little bit to finally get the cup ...

1994 ... completely against the tide of the latest musical developments of the moment, she continues to chart her course in her own way. Rightly or wrongly...good question ?

1994 ... with good reason, the proof with THIS title ! She realizes the improbable, that is to say obtaining the greatest success of her career on a title totally out of time and real expectations of the public. Incredible but true. MA-GIC !

1995 ... the continuation will unfortunately be much less favorable and this in spite of an obvious quality of title. His glamorous and so particular style will have worked miracles on the previous title but it will be the one and only time ...

1997 ... she will do more some figuration than anything else from now on. In a decade where the average tempo of most tracks borders on the speed of light, it is obvious that it is going to be extremely difficult for her to continue to exist ...

1998 ... she does not change her strategy of an Iota and continues her adventure somehow. A will that is nice to see but unfortunately totally counterproductive ...

1999 ... when the 2 lovebirds join forces for an album, the result is, to say the least, playful and refreshing. Nothing fancy, just a good job !

2001 ... the change of decade will not change the situation unfortunately. What no longer worked during the second part of the 1990s is unlikely to work during this early 2000s ...

2002 ... a shame because she finally dares to change its style and the result holds up. But the competition is light years ahead and she will never come back to the race ...

2004 ... come on, almost by way of conclusion, a nice title which floats quietly in the air and which asks only to do good. This is what we call a successful bet, that's clear !


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