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Judgement day...

Guns N' Roses, also known by the acronym GNR, is an American band formed in 1985 in Los Angeles and originally composed of Axl Rose (real name William Rose Jr), Izzy Stradlin (real name Jeffrey Isbell), Tracii Guns (real name Tracy Ulrich), Ole Beich and Rob Gardner. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 100 million records to date, just that !

Group which released a mini-album "Live?! * @ Like a Suicide" the following year in 1986, mini-album only printed at 10,000 copies and which will inevitably go somewhat unnoticed ...

A year later, their first - real - album "Appetite for destruction" was released in 1987, and he, unlike his predecessor, was far from going unnoticed ! The album is a huge planetary success to the point of selling nearly 30 million copies including 18 million in the United States alone and overnight propels the members of the group to a level of renown that they would never have imagined.

Album of which the 1st sleeve sleeve will be censored, and remodeled, because it represents a toothed monster in the shape of daggers attacking a robot rapist of women…!

Two first singles will be extracted from it still in 1987 namely "It’s so easy" and "Welcome to the jungle". But it was above all the following 2, "Paradise city" but also, and above all, "Sweet child o 'mine", which will shatter everything on a planetary level in 1988. This last title remaining to this day the highest ranked single of all the group's discography.

Also in 1988 released their new album "G N’ R Lies ", album which will not really know the same level of success as the incredible album which preceded it. Much lower level of success, only one single of global class on the clock with the title “Patience” released in 1989, in short, a relative underperformance.

The end of the decade also rhymes with repeated incidents during their television or stage performances. Riots during shows in New York in 1988, 2 deaths by trampling during the Monsters of Rock festival in England the same year, overconsumption of heroin by several members from 1989. Drifts which earned them the name of 'most dangerous group in the world' !

Business picked up again two years later in 1991 when the single "You could be mine" was released, which was to be used on the soundtrack of the film "Terminator 2 : Judgment day". And on the other hand the album "Use your illusion I", album which sees the group come back in force on the front of the scene in particular thanks to titles like "Don't cry", "Live and let die" as well as the enormous “November rain” which will be released in 1992.

An exceptional year 1991 for the group since they followed with a second album "Use your illusion II", album which will produce two new mega hits that are "Knockin 'on heaven's door", a luxury cover of the famous title of Bob Dylan , and "Yesterdays". Two albums combined in 1991 alone that will ultimately sell over 35 million copies !

Another relapse two years later in 1993 when leaves the album "The spaghetti incident ?", album once again with average success. Album that will struggle to produce very high caliber tracks apart from the track "Since I don’t have you". Title which will be the only one to succeed in 1994.

To this can be added multiple incidents and fights during their various tours which will end up tarnishing their already quite damaged brand image ...

The group will experience a last notorious success the same year with the single “Sympathy for the devil” on the soundtrack of the film Intrerview with the Vampire.

They will rise again from their ashes in a spectacular fashion at the end of the 2000s thanks to the title "Chinese democracy" which will be released in 2008. Title which will indeed be their last feat of arms ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Reckless life 1986

  • It's so easy 1987

  • Welcome to the jungle 1987

  • Sweet child o’mine 1988

  • Paradise city 1988

  • Patience 1989

  • Nightrain 1989

  • You could be mine 1991

  • Don’t cry 1991

  • Live and let die 1991

  • November rain 1992

  • Knockin' on heaven's door 1992

  • Yesterdays 1992

  • Civil war 1993

  • Ain't it fun 1993

  • Estranged 1994

  • Since I don't have you 1994

  • Sympathy for the devil 1994

  • Chinese democracy 2008


Clips :

1986 ... the very first steps on a totally supercharged title. Not sure that this overspeed is the best way for the group to stand out in a positive way ...

1987 ... the sound is more structured, as is the style. Race results : first classified title. On the other hand, what is certain is that with this group, it will beat up !

1987 ... the previous title will have known only a level of success after all limited. This on the other hand will allow the group to extend its fame to the whole planet ...

1988 ... the group literally explodes on the international scene and undoubtedly becomes one of the phenomena of the moment. It was enough just to calm things down to make all the difference !

1988 ... hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop. It is clear that the fundamentals of the group are based mainly on beating in order. The proof !

1989 ... in just 2 years the group will have become literally essential. Especially since he displays with this title a versatility of style worthy of the greatest. All good little guys !

1989 ... on average, it's 1 in 2 titles that beaten hard. A style reserved for an informed public and which necessarily limits their influence with the general public ...

1991 ... after a year 1990 when not much will happen, the group is back in force in this year 1991. And the least we can say is that he does not intend to change a Iota his way of doing ...

1991 ... fortunately they have this rare faculty of being able to alternate beating in rule and Intimist title of high level. This allows at least to blow a minimum ...

1991 ... they revisit here a title of Wings dating from 1973 present on the soundtrack of the James Bond of the same name. A title which allows them to align a 3rd mega hit during this year 1991. What more could you ask for !

1992 ... the beginning of the 90s which saw them shatter everything in their path. To the point of signing here what will remain as the biggest success of their entire discography. In addition on a title full of finesse. MA-GIC !

1992 ... they released a first revisited version of this legendary title by Bob Dylan dating from 1973 two years earlier. But it is this re-release that will be good with a much higher level of success !

1992 ... 1991 will have been an exceptional year in all respects for the group but 1992 has nothing to envy it, to say the least. When it wants, it wants !

1993 ... after two incredible years which will have consecrated the group as one of the most gifted of its generation, the year 1993 will seem much paler. With the key to a level of success in strong deceleration ...

1993 ... the group is struggling to renew himself and especially to find a new lease of life in the face of competition that does not give anything away. Attention danger...

1994 ... this year 1994 will see them rebound in a spectacular way. An improvement unfortunately short-lived because the year 1994 will be their last year of existence at the highest level ...

1994 ... anyway, the level displayed during this year 1994 allows them to return to the race in a spectacular way. All thanks to this revisited version of a Skyliners title dating from 1958. As what, once again, it is in the old pots that we make the best soups !

1994 ... the year of luxury covers. This time, they revisit one of the Rolling Stones' flagship titles from 1968 and the least we can say is that the copy is more or less close to the original. A good job but that will not prevent the group from disappearing completely from the radars afterwards ...

2008 ... 14 years will separate this title from the previous title. We thought the group was definitely lost body and soul but it was without counting on this spectacular rebound totally unexpected. Like what, nothing is ever finished ...


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