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Ivan, whose real name is Juan Vaquero, is a Spanish singer who will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for the title "Fotonovela" which was released in 1984.

Huge single which will be a real worldwide hit and which will remain as his main hit.

He will produce other well-made titles that it would have been a shame to ignore.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sin amor 1979

  • Sonarte 1980

  • Te quiero tanto 1980

  • Te agradezco 1981

  • Bajo los caracoles de tus cabellos 1982

  • Fotonovela 1984

  • Baila 1985

  • Ya no puede deterneme 1985

  • Pon la radio 1985

  • Hey mademoiselle ! 1986

  • Starman 1986

  • Oa 1988

  • Salvame 1992


Clips :

1979 ... 100 % Disco debut. The potential of the artist is obvious but it is clear that there is still work to be done, it is clear ...

1980 ... from the 2nd title, he shows real aptitudes for the Intimist field. Versatility that bodes well for future events

1980 ... it's still very local for the moment. It is difficult to imagine at this stage the superlative sequel that will follow in the years to come ...

1981 ... he will still have to realize at some point in which he is evolving. Because there, even if the title is nice, we still have the impression of having gone back 10 years ...

1982 ... an evolution that we will qualify as positive but it is not likely to compete for the moment with the European musical gratin, even less with the global musical gratin

1984 ... then comes the miracle and especially THIS title ! The singer operates a hallucinating metamorphosis that allows him to produce one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and the end of the twentieth century, just that ! An awesome track that makes him One Shot fit into the musical legend of the 80s. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1985 ... there is really the before 'Fotonovela' and the after. Everything has changed, the style, the sound and now, it is a perfectly oiled machine that unrolls and works with godly fire !

1985 ... the momentum set in motion really produces quality tracks which are perfectly in keeping with the times. Like what, not much was enough ...

1985 ... a BIG year 1985 with no less than 3 titles of very high caliber. This illustrious young unknow man in the early 80s is now a mega star. What change !

1986 ... and even if most of the titles will not have the success of 'Fotonovela', it is clear that there is work and inspiration in all of this !

1986 ... well, it is true that sometimes he sets out again on paths that take us back a few years, even a decade. But we won't blame him, far from it ...

1988 ... he hangs on, resists but the competition really begins to be far ahead. It is clear that the best is behind him ...

1992 ... a new decade and a change of style with a return to Intimist mode. A change that allows us to see the artist again in a field that he has rarely visited and my faith, it works quite well. Ideal end of adventure ...


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