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Josephine loves to sunbathe on the beach...

Chris Rea is an English songwriter who can boast of having sold over 30 million albums to date.

He started his musical career relatively late by buying his first guitar at only 22 years old.

It was in 1973 that he joined his first group "Magdalene", replacing David Coverdale who had left for the Deep Purple. Then he created his own group "Beautiful Losers" which he quickly left to record his first solo track "So much love". We are then in 1974.

We had to wait until 1978 to see the release of his first album "Whatever happened to Benny Santini?" ". Album from which his biggest hit on the other side of the Atlantic will be extracted, namely "Fool (If you think it’s over)".

The following three albums will unfortunately not meet the same success.

Business resumed in 1983 when the album "Water sign" was released, which was to hit the spotlight in Europe, notably thanks to the excellent single "I can hear your heartbeat". The singer's notoriety will suddenly gain momentum on the old continent.

New air gap in 1984 followed by a dazzling cover in 1985 with the release of the album "Shamrock diaries" from which will be extracted two flagship singles that are "Stainsby girls" on the one hand and especially the magnificent "Josephine" which will be a real hit.

He did it again a year later in 1986 with the release of the album "On the beach" which produced one of his biggest hits with the single of the same name.

The album "Dancing with strangers" was released in 1987 but was only relatively successful.

It was not until 1989 that he achieved consecration with the release of the album "The road to hell" which will allow him to reach for the first time the No.1 place of the English Top Album. The single of the same name and "Texas" will be the major hits.

The year 1991 will be the year of release of his last successful album "Auberge".

And the singles "Nothing to fear" in 1992 and "Julia" in 1993 (single in homage to his second daughter), will be his last singles to know the favors of Charts.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • So much love 1974

  • Fool (If you think it’s over) 1978

  • Whatever happened to Benny Santini ? 1978

  • Diamonds 1979

  • Dancing girls 1980

  • Loving you 1982

  • Every beat of my heart 1982

  • Let it loose 1983

  • I can hear your heartbeat 1983

  • I don’t know what it is but I love it 1984

  • Touche d'amour 1984

  • Ace of hearts 1984

  • Stainsby girls 1985

  • Josephine 1985

  • All summer long 1985

  • On the beach 1986

  • Let’s dance 1987

  • Loving you again 1987

  • Que séra 1988

  • Driving home for Christmas 1988

  • The road to hell 1989

  • Texas 1990

  • Auberge 1991

  • Heaven 1991

  • Looking for the summer 1991

  • Winter song 1991

  • Nothing to fear 1992

  • God's great banana skin 1992

  • Julia 1993

  • You can go your own way 1994

  • 'Disco' La Passione 1996

  • Girl in a sports car 1996

  • The Blue Café 1997

  • Sweet summer day 1998

  • Thinking of you 1998

  • New Time Square 1999

  • All summer long 2000

  • Who do you love 2001


Clips :

1974 ... the very first steps. Who could imagine at this stage the incredible career that awaits this young singer in the years to come ...

1978 ... we find him 4 years later with this excellent track where everything is finally there : the voice as well as the musical style. This light and airy musical style that will make him famous ...

1978 ... a year 1978 which saw him reveal himself in an obvious way. This young singer has an obvious talent that only asks to be expressed ...

1979 ... a particularly rhythmic and perfectly formatted title for the time. The rise in power is linear and will inevitably make it possible to produce great and beautiful things in the future ...

1980 ... a beginning of the 1980s more complicated to manage than expected. No title released during this year 1980 will be popular with the public. We'll have to wait a little longer for the big take-off ...

1982 ... after a year 1981 empty, here it is back in this year 1982 in a certain form. Sufficient form in any case to see him return to success ...

1982 ... a pretty, simple ballad with formidable efficiency. Certainly, its success will be limited in the Charts but we will be largely satisfied with it !

1983 ... a style that begins to stick more and more with the latest fashionable musical trends. So we imagine a sequel accordingly ...

1983 ... and the BIG sequel, here it is ! Here he gets his first global top hit with this title which literally explodes his notoriety and sets fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet. HU-GE !

1984 ... a quality sequel, but which cannot compete with the previous steamroller. A year 1984 which will unfortunately be slightly a step below ...

1984 ... only this title will succeed in doing well in this year 1984. A light and airy title which works very well ...

1984 ... nothing exceptional in this year 1984 but a good job, quite simply. What more could you ask for when the minimum quality is respected ...

1985 ... a transitory title before the legendary hits. The big fireworks are fast approaching, so you just have to be a little bit patient ...

1985 ... and the great fireworks display, here is the beginning. He begins by delivering this HUGE title which instantly makes him one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. MAG-NI-FI-CENT !

1985 ... this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor but it is clear that the singer has a perfect command of his subject. Once again !

1986 ... the 2nd part of the fireworks display. He returned a year later with an equally incredible track like 'Josephine'. A title that smells of hot sand. Sea, sex and sun ! What talent !

1987 ... a much more rock sequel, therefore more rhythmic. Friendly but got us used to better ! And yet it is with this title that he will experience one of the biggest successes of his entire discography. Like what...

1987 ... back to basics. As soon as he is light and airy, the title works. Even if this title will not remain as its best ranked, it works perfectly !

1988 ... in the same vein. With the result a nice top hit which allows him to stay in the race without too much difficulty. All good !

1988 ... this time, he gives half in the jazzy. And my gosh, it also works. A multi-style artist who dares everything in terms of musical orientation...and this for our greatest pleasure !

1989 ... yet another title which confirms a truly above-average talent and which reinforces, if necessary, his status as major singer of the decade. HU-GE !

1990 ... a smooth change of decade. Despite an obvious title quality, this title will only experience very limited success. A decade of 90 which will prove to be much more complicated to manage than expected ...

1991 ... the last top hit. Times are getting harder and harder for the artist. With an obvious drop in inspiration ...

1991 ... this title will be much more inspired but it will go almost completely under the radar. Frankly shame because it literally floats in the air ...

1991 ... slight rebound in the Charts with this new title. A year 1991 decidedly placed under the sign of softness and air. We want more !

1991 ... a year 1991 which saw him release an incredible number of high caliber titles in the Intimist field. A know-how really well above the average !

1992 ... yet another title full of finesse, an area in which he excels in every way. A beginning of the 90s resolutely oriented towards 'With emotions'

1992 ... an adventure that continues for good even if the level of success has nothing to do with what he experienced before. The main thing is to believe in it as they say !

1993 ... small year 1993 with a level of success flush with the daisies. That doesn't stop him from releasing some pretty titles like this !

1994 ... for the year 1994, it will be this title which will pull more or less its pin of the game. It is clear that the qualitative level unfortunately decreases from year to year ...

1996 ... a nice gift offered to Shirley Bassey by the singer and which will serve in the soundtrack of the film 'La Passione', a film also written by the singer. A film that will unfortunately pass somewhat under the radar ...

1996 ... the 90s will be irremediably oriented Intimist. And frankly, when you see the quality of what he offers, who would complain !

1997 ... a pretty ballad of which he has the secret. Nothing exceptional during all this decade of 90 but a good job, quite simply !

1998 ... his last 'little' hit of the decade. A decade that was inevitably disappointing when you know its potential. But when inspiration no longer follows, we do what we can ...

1998 ... all the titles produced during this decade will not be unworthy, that's clear. He will just have lowered his inspiration level a notch. It happens even to the best ...

1999 ... unbelievably, here he launches himself without a net in the pure and hard dance version of the 90s. Seemed highly risky but partially successful. Partially...

2000 ... he will even attempt the transition to the 2000s. A good will which commands respect but which unfortunately will not allow him to return to the race ...

2001 ... a know-how in the Intimist which has always been its strong point. Whatever the decade, he has always known how to release titles of more than certain quality in this area. An adventure that continues no matter what. For better and for worse...


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