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Johnny's Broken Dreams...

Johnny Hates Jazz is an English group formed in 1986 by Clark Datchler, Calkvin Hayes and Mike Nocito.

The first single "Me and my foolish heart" was released in 1986 and met with decent acclaim.

It was a year later, in 1987, that the group found themselves propelled to the top of the Charts with the release of the single "Shattered dreams", a huge hit that went around the world. And who will be served by a clip directed by… David Fincher, just that !

Followed by a few other flagship singles which are "I don’t want to be a hero" and "Turn back the clock". The successes keep coming.

Their first album "Turn back the clock" was released in 1988 and went straight to the first place of the English Top Albums ! He will be certified Double Platinum Disc. A final single "Heart of Gold" will be taken from the album and will also be popular with the public.

Despite these various successes, Clark Datchler decides to leave the ship at the end of 1988. Johnny Hates the Jazz will continue without him, will release another album in 1991 but the group, without its natural leader, will be unable to repeat the same feats than at its creation.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Me and my foolish heart 1986

  • Shattered dreams 1987

  • I don’t want to be a hero 1987

  • Turn back the clock 1987

  • Heart of gold 1988

  • Don’t say it’s love 1988

  • Turn the tide 1989

  • The last to know 1990

  • Let me change your mind tonight 1991

  • Magnetized 2013

  • Man with no name 2013

  • The road not taken 2013

  • Spirit of love 2020

  • New day ahead 2020

  • Greater good 2020


Clips :

1986 ... a first single to get started and break in. And my faith, we immediately see the potential of the group !

1987 ... THE title of the revelation. A first Interplanetary Class hit which caused their notoriety to explode overnight. And which will remain as their biggest commercial success. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... an exceptional year which saw them produce no less than 3 mega hits. This one will be a step below the previous one but the difference is really tiny because talent and inspiration, there is in both, it's clear !

1987 ... and here is the 3rd. We leave the Dance register to enter the Intimist register and it works wonderfully. Can do everything little guys !

1988 ... change of vintage and slight drop in inspiration. But it's still the 1st choice anyway. Not too many worries about them for the moment ...

1988 ... a group that will undoubtedly remain as one of the big cars of the decade. Just judging by this song ...

1989 ... Clark Datchler is gone, the group leaves again but something is missing, it's obvious. This title will be their last notorious success ...

1990 ... an orphan group but which has beautiful remains, it is undeniable. When you're good, you're good to the end in one way or another !

1991 ... a decade change that will seal their fate. A last title which rhymes with end clap. Anyway the adventure was beautiful and that's the main thing !

2013... when we thought the case was definitely over, here they are, unexpectedly back almost 22 years later. Who would've believed that...?

2013...a comeback that is bound to delight grassroots fans who weren't expecting so much. Especially since the group has lost none of its talent... opus of obvious quality and which will allow them to reconnect with success, at least on the albums side. That's it as they say...

2020...we will lose sight of them for almost 7 years but here they are again. A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect...

2020... it must be said that the COVID period allowed a bunch of bands to work on a new album since the planet only had that much to do... remains to be seen whether the group intends to return later or not. But we now know with them that anything is possible...

Top Bonus : the story of a lifetime...


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