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Joan loves Rock'N'Roll !

Joan Jett, whose real name is Joan Larkin, is an American songwriter who began her artistic career with the all-female group "The Runaways". Group which will experience its heyday in the mid-1970s and which will produce no less than 5 albums between 1975 and 1979.

After the band split up, the singer recorded 3 solo tracks including a certain "I love Rock'n'Roll", a cover of a song by the Arrows.

Then released a first eponymous album in 1980 but the latter was refused by 23 Labels ! And ends up being produced under an independent label. The singer took the opportunity to join some friends and thus created Joan Jett and The Blackhearts.

In 1982, the album was released under the new name of "I love Rock'n'Roll". Album from which will be extracted the enormous Single of the same name, Single which will be a real worldwide hit. Album which will also produce the title "Crimson and clover" which will also carry out a very good course in the Charts.

Other albums will be released later, but without being able to produce with this particularly successful opus.

The group enjoyed a last notorious success in 1988 with the title "I hate myself for loving you", Single from the album "Up your alley".

An adventure that will continue in any case in the years and decades that follow with the production of titles of significant quality...

To discover or rediscover.


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

  • Cherry bomb (The Runaways) 1976

  • Blackmail (The Runaways) 1976

  • Heartbeat (The Runaways) 1977

  • Neon angels on the road to ruins (The Runaways) 1977

  • School days (The Runaways) 1977

  • Cherry Wasted (The Runaways) 1977

  • You don't own me 1979

80s Decade :

  • Bad reputation 1981

  • I love rock ‘n’ roll 1982

  • Crimson and clover 1982

  • Do you wanna touch me 1982

  • Fake friends 1983

  • The French song 1983

  • Cherry bomb 1984

  • Good music 1986

  • I hate myself for loving you 1988

  • Little liar 1988

90s Decade :

  • Dirty deeds 1990

  • Love hurts 1990

  • Backlash 1991

  • Don't surrender 1991

  • Activity grrrl 1993

  • Eye to eye 1994

  • As I am 1994

  • Bob (Cousin O.) 1995

  • Love is all around 1996

  • Fetish 1999

2000s Decade :

  • The word 2002

  • Bad time 2004

  • Turn it around 2004

  • Riddles 2006

  • Androgynous 2007

2010s Decade :

  • Any weather 2013

  • Everybody needs a hero 2013

  • Fresh start 2018

2020s Decade :

  • (I'm gonna) Run away 2022

  • If you're blue 2023

  • Before the dawn 2023

  • (Make the music go) Boom 2023

  • Shooting into space 2023


Tracks :

1976... rare for the time to see a 100 % female group play in the pure rock category. And yet it is indeed the case...

1976... not only will they not be afraid to rub shoulders with the male gender who reign supreme in this musical field, but in addition they will do more than well...

1977...especially since they ensure in all areas from the most punchy to the least punchy. A group that will not last for years and years but some members of which will make talking about later... adventure that will allow some of them to make their class as they say. And above all to prepare a most successful solo suite for some...

1977...a bright future especially for young Joan and Lita. But who doesn't necessarily know anything about it at the time...

1977...a last title before certain members of the group take their final flight. Including young Joan...

1979...a first title far from being ridiculous and which immediately shows that this young singer has potential. It remains to be seen what she will do with this famous potential...

1981 ... after a few unsuccessful attempts, the time for recognition and first notable success has finally come. Well, for now, it is limited to the United States but it is already that !

1982 ... then comes THIS title. A title that came out of nowhere and that will literally ignite the whole world. And above all the Dancefloor on the planet. The notoriety of the tigress literally explodes. Masterfully MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... a sequel which cannot compete but which nevertheless offers the group its second global success. And always on a 1000 % rock basis. Hat's Off !

1982 ... the pass of 3 ! The band is literally walking on water and the hits follow one another at breathtaking speed. Will they keep up, that's something else ...

1983 ... the years that follow one another are not necessarily alike. After an exceptional year 1982 in all respects, 1983 will prove to be a bit disappointing ...

1983 ... well, what is certain is that great energy is always in order and that the sound of the group does not vary by an Iota. Sometimes it produces hits. Sometimes simple little hits ...

1984 ... a very average Cru. The group does not manage to find the exceptional dynamics of the year 1982 and struggles to produce titles of big caliber

1986 ... after an empty year 1985, we find the group in great shape in this new year. And who says great form, says return of success, as if by chance ...

1988 ... 1987 will also remain very average. On the other hand, the next one, will prove to be much more up to the task. The group signs here its last planetary hit of very big caliber. Like what, they still had some under the pedal !

1988 ... ah, finally a foray into the Intimist. It was damn missing from the board. Well, it's the Intimist 100,000 volts version but we will largely be satisfied with it !

1990 ... the group will have held until the crossing of decades. A great achievement after 10 years of a particularly successful career. A career that will nevertheless have produced one of the most beautiful gems in the musical history of the 80s, just that !

1990 ... most even years will have been particularly successful for the group. A new proof with this new Intimist title of high class

1991 ... come on, a little last for the road. A story that will be declined in rock mode from beginning to end. As the Americans know so well !

1991 ... come on, it's not quite over. Even if the group will only be figuring in the years to come, what it will continue to produce is not without interest, it's clear ...

1993...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are behind them. Anyway, the desire to continue the adventure is obvious. Isn't that the main thing...?

1994 ... it is certain that the young generation of this decade 90 is not very receptive to pure and hard rock. After all tastes are in nature as they say...

1994... it is certain that the group will still have to ask the right questions about the rest of its career. Because for lack of notorious evolution on the sound side, times will be harder and harder, that's for sure...

1995...and overspeeding doesn't help, that's for sure. No development to expect for the moment at first sight, a bias that seriously risks marginalizing them...

1996... and it continues in overspeed, we will not remake them again as they say. But not wanting to reinvent themselves, they exclude themselves from the big leagues...

1999...a decade of the 90s which saw them disappear from the radar in a progressive and above all certain way. It remains to be seen whether the transition to the next decade is frankly advisable...

2002... still no evolution in style and sound. The result in the Charts will therefore be equal to the previous decade, that is to say the most minimalist...

2004... after if they continue to take pleasure in what they do, isn't that the main thing. And as in music, everything is always possible, they have the right to believe in it...

2004...and what is certain is that they please their basic fans by continuing to exist. That the younger generation is not interested in them does not matter to them at first sight...

2006...a sound that has hardly changed since their debut, that is to say. Of course, it's their trademark, but still...

2007...a folk style that is not likely to attract young people either. The adventure therefore continues but without relief or risk taking in any way...

2013...we will lose sight of them for almost 6 years and here they are again in this new decade of 2010 in relative form. In any case, not enough to hope for any kind of miracle...

2013...continuing the adventure at all costs comes from a good feeling but at some point, even good will is no longer enough. Copy to review as they say... 5 year air hole and here they are again. And even if the years change, just like the decades, nothing changes concerning them of course...

2022...always and still there, who would have believed it !? There is nothing to do, they will come back every decade and it doesn't matter if there is success or not. The main thing is to participate as they say...






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