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Jakie likes to be clear !

Jakie Quartz, whose real name is Jacqueline Cuchet, is a French singer who started her musical career at the end of the 1970s in the musical "Popular Front" with Julien Clerc.

She released her first single "Astroliner" in 1981 with very very relative success.

Following this failure, she joined the troupe of the musical "Revue et corrigée" alongside Catherine Lara and Guesch Patti. Musical that will be playing for a few weeks.

Everything changes for her when she meets the composer Gérard Anfosso during a "Grand échiquier".

Their collaboration will give birth to the hit of the summer of 1983, namely the huge "Mise au point" as well as the album of the same name.

The single will sell more than a million copies. In 1984 the second album "Alerte à la blonde" was released, which was less successful.

She was successful with the third album "Jour et nuit" released in 1986 which notably included the hits of summer 1986 and 1987 which were "Vivre ailleurs" and "A la vie, à l'amour".

The fourth album "Emotions au pluriel" was released in 1987 and was an honest success.

And it was in 1989 that the adventure ended with the release of the last major single, "Non mais qu'est-ce que tu crois". Single which will be censored by the radios because considered too daring at the text level...

Discography (among others ...) :

• Mise au point 1983

• Dernière fois 1983

• Mal de vivre 1984

• Histoire sans paroles 1984

• Jeu dangereux 1985

• Vivre ailleurs 1986

• A la vie, à l’amour 1987

• Émotion 1987

• Amour blessé 1988

• Non mais qu’est-ce que tu crois 1989

• Mais dis moi 1991

• Tout ce que tu voudras 1991

• Comme un rêve 1992

• Le meilleur de toi-même 1995

• Que sont-ils devenus ? 1996

• Si demain... 2003


Clips :

1983 ... the smashing arrival of Jacqueline ! Uh, sorry, from Jakie ! She is simply signing here one of the biggest hits of that year and surely of the decade on the French side. HU-GE !

1983 ... a sequel that will have great difficulty in competing with what preceded it, as the bar has been raised. Anyway, the dynamics of success are now in place and off to last for a few more years

1984 ... certainly, she will never manage to find the level of success of her first title but it is clear that Jakie is becoming more and more essential ...

1984 ... a BIG year 1984 with 2 heavyweight titles. The singer confirms title after title that she is not there to do only some figuration and that her huge first success was not the result of chance

1985 ... despite a title of obvious quality, the year 1985 will not remain as the best Cru of the singer. Only one title on the clock and which will unfortunately go under the radars. Pity...

1986 ... business resumes in this year 1986 with a Jakie at the top of her form. We suspected that the slight air hole of the previous year would not last !

1987 ... the great adventure continues with this title which allows the singer to show once again that she is a sure value of the French musical landscape. Hope it lasts !

1987 ... another excellent title which reinforces a discography already particularly provided at the qualitative level. One more !

1988 ... a sweet break in an ocean of Dance hits. It will be her only title of the year but it will at least have the merit of showing that she can also do in this very particular field !

1989 ... put away the handkerchiefs, back to pure and hard Dance to end the decade in style. Here she obtains a new success which will unfortunately be the last ...

1991 ... she attempts the transition to the 90s and the least we can say is that the transition is rather successful. New foray into the Intimist world with this title of more than certain quality

1991 ... unfortunately, even if she still believes in it, the public has already moved on. Few female singers of the 80s will have managed to shine in the same light during the 90s ...

1992 ... she tries to adapt to the new trends of the moment but that will not change the situation unfortunately. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1995 ... nothing for 3 years and return to a certain form in this year 1995. But goodwill will not be enough on this one not to reverse the course of history ...

1996 ... she clings and does better than resist. But it is clear that she now does more figuration than anything else. Tough law of the trade ...

2003 ... she will even attempt the transition to the 2000 decade. A crazy bet but above all a bet lost in advance. Competition is now light years ahead and nothing, and no one, can save Private Jacqueline ...


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