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It would be a question of self-satisfaction...

The Vapors are an English group formed in 1978 by David Fenton, Howard Smith, Edward Bazalgette and Steve Smith. Group whose career really started a year later, in 1979, when they signed with the United Artists label.

Signature which allows them to release their first single "Prisoners" the same year. Single which unfortunately will not find its audience.

On the other hand, the one who comes out a year later in 1980 will experience a very different fate. The single "Turning Japanese" will make a real worldwide hit and explode overnight the notoriety of the group. A very astonishing song name which, according to some rumors, actually refers to masturbation ... although this has never been confirmed by the band. A rumor that will in any case have served to promote the single in a very original way ...

Flagship title taken from their album "New clear days" which was released the same year and which, too, was to experience worldwide success. The play on words with "nuclear" being, of course, intentional since the album in particular evokes everything that revolves around the nuclear threat. Another single "News at ten" will also be taken from the same album but will not experience the same level of success as its predecessor.

The album "Magnets", which was released a year later in 1981, enjoyed some success, but paradoxically, only on the North American continent and not across the Channel. Album mainly talking about alienation and psychotic characters, themes particularly hermetic to the basic audience. Only the single "Jimmie Jones" will fare well.

The group did not recover from the failure of the album and eventually went their separate ways in 1982.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Prisoners 1979

  • Turning japanese 1980

  • News at ten 1980

  • Waiting for the weekend 1981

  • Spiders 1981

  • Jimmie Jones 1981

  • Isolated case 1982

  • Civic hall 1982


Clips :

1979 ... a first title which spins at the speed of light. In the purest British style of the end of the decade !

1980 ... the title of a lifetime ! The one who will reveal them and make them fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. And always on a track that goes at the speed of light !

1980 ... well, over-revving with them, it becomes a real mania. The little guys will have to calm down, otherwise watch out for getting off the road !

1981 ... and leaving the road, or rather leaving Charts, here it is. And yes already. A group with a particularly ephemeral existence but it will have been enough of a title, only one, to make their glory, like what !

1981 ... and yet the group does not lack talent, it is clear. But this overly rock-oriented sound no longer really sticks to the times ...

1981 ... they will still manage to classify a last title. Like what, there are always reasons to hope ...

1982 ... come on, 1 or 2 more titles to finish the adventure properly. Titles which will not bring much more but they have the merit of existing ...

1982 ... they will amaze us until the end. Here comes a last surprising but above all inspired title. A really special group until the end ...


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