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It's not just Nathalie who dreams...

Melody, whose real name is Nathalie Lefevbre, is a Belgian singer who will stay in the history of the 80s mainly for one track, namely the huge hit "Y'a pas que les grands qui rêvent".

Single released in 1989, which will sell 900,000 copies and co-written by a certain… Guy Carlier.

The following year, she had other successes with "Chariot d'étoiles" and "Le prince du roller", although lesser but successful nonetheless.

In 1991 the album "Danse ta vie" was released, an album that did not meet with the expected success and put an end to the career of this baby singer.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Y’a pas que les grands qui rêvent 1989

  • Chariot d’étoiles 1990

  • Le prince du roller 1990

  • Mamie 1991

  • Danse ta vie 1991

  • Djami 1991

  • Laissez moi partir 1991

  • Une flèche en plein Cœur 1993


Clips :

1989 ... the title of a lifetime ! A first title which propels One Shot the little Nathalie to the heights of fame. In Hi-NRG mode moreover, extremely rare for a song in French !

1990 ... a quality sequel that confirms the singer's rising status. All hopes are now permitted ...

1990 ... THE big year with a second big caliber title. Simple, rhythmic songs that will not remain as Masterpieces but that hit the mark every time...

1991 ... no more Dance hits, welcome to the Intimist register. And my faith, in this very particular field, she is far from being ridiculous ...

1991 ... we suspected that the gentle break was not going to last. The tempo suddenly re-accelerates ...

1991 ... here she is again in the 'With emotions' register. Decidedly, it becomes a mania. Unfortunately, despite a certain quality, success now inexorably eludes her ...

1991 ... once again a title with a simplistic but effective melody. But compared to all the current Dance of the moment, this kind of song is poor ...

1993 ... a last Dance title to end the adventure in style. Goodbye pretty Melody, we loved you ...


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