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It’s a long way to the top...

AC/DC is an Australian-Scottish group formed in Sydney in 1973 by the Young brothers. Everything accelerated for the Young family when they left Scotland in 1963 to settle in the land of kangaroos. It’s the eldest of the Young brothers, George, who first stood out when he became known internationally with the group "Easybeats", the flagship group of the 60s in Australia. Then it’s Malcolm’s turn to try the musical adventure by joining the group "The Velvet underground" in 1971 (group which has no connection with the American). In 1973, he created his own group of which he was the rhythm guitarist. Added Dave Evans on vocals, Larry Van Kriedt on bass, Colin Burgess on drums and a certain Angus ... the last brother Young, who will be the solo guitarist. It is the sister of Malcolm and Angus who will find the name of the group after seeing the acronym "AC-DC" on a vacuum cleaner, or a sewing machine, the legend differs ... the principle of alternating current / direct current as symbolism pleasing to the 2 brothers. Others will see a satanic connotation (Anti Christ Destroy Christ ...). It was also during 1973 that the same sister found the school costume for Angus. Basically, they should all have worn a separate costume, only Angus will keep his own. The first single “Can I sit next to you girl” was released in 1974. The same year, Dave Evans is ousted in favor of Ronald Belford “Bon” Scott, friend of George Young, considered more in line with the style of the group. Their first album "High voltage" was released in 1975 which was a resounding success. Also in the same year, the second album "T.N.T" was released, which contained the flagship singles "It’s a long way to the top", "High voltage" and "T.N.T.". The group signed to Atlantic Record in 1976 and began touring in Europe. Released the album "Dirty deeds done dirt Cheap". Followed in 1977 by the album "Let there be rock". Who knows a real success in England despite the omnipotence of the punk wave. Followed in 1978 by the album "Powerage", which enjoyed only relative success. The year 1979 saw the release of the album "Highway to hell" which completely changed the situation. It's a global hit, the band suddenly becomes unavoidable in the hard rock sphere. The year 1980 will turn out to be dramatic for the group with the death by alcohol intoxication of Bon Scott. "Geordie" singer Brian Johnson is his replacement. The album "Back in black" was released the same year and included the now cult "Hells bells", a single tribute to Bon Scott. Album with colossal commercial success. But fans of the first hour no longer recognize themselves in this new version group. The album "For those about to rock we salute you" was released in 1981 and contains 2 flagship hits namely "Let’s get it up" and "For those about to rock" which will be the singles to have had the biggest commercial success. They will be the last singles in the group to experience such success. Other albums will be released in the years which follow but the group disperses, the departures succeed the arrivals and the group declines inexorably until 1988 when they will experience a stealth return of success. We think that the group has reached the end of its adventure and that everything will end there, but it is very bad to know them.

The group returns in a sensational way on the front of the scene during the decade 90 with a first album "The Razors edge" in 1990. Album which will add 2 new stars to the prize list of the group with the singles "Thunderstruck" and "Moneytalks".

Then it was the turn of the album "Ballbreaker" to be released 5 years later in 1995, an album which will know its moment of glory thanks to the title "Hard as a rock".

And as with them, nothing is ever finished, we find them during the 2000s with 2 new albums : "Stiff upper lift" in 2000 and "Black ice" in 2008. Even if none will produce a major hit this time, the 2 albums will know a course of the most flattering in the Charts.

This time, we tell ourselves once again that they will not go further in the adventure. And here they are back during the decade of 2010 with a new opus "Rock or bust", album which will produce the top hit "Play ball".

And as if that were still not enough, they will even come back during the decade of 2020 with the album “Power up” which will be released in 2020. Album which will be a hit like all the others, in particular thanks to the flagship single “Shot in the dark".

An exceptional adventure which has lasted for more than 40 years for a totally extraordinary group and which is not ready to stop, that is clear.

An adventure in which Angus Young's incredible body movements will forever remain the indelible trademark ... To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Can I sit next to you, girl 1974

• Baby, please don't go 1975

• High voltage 1975

• It’s a long way to the top 1975

• T.N.T. 1976

• Jailbreak 1976

• Dirty deeds done dirt cheap 1976

• Love at first feel 1977

• Dog eat dog 1977

• Let there be rock 1978

• Whole lotta Rosie 1978

• Rock 'n' roll damnation 1978

• Highway to hell 1979

• Touch too much 1980

• You shook me all night long 1980

• Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 1980

• Hells bells 1980

• Back in black 1981

• Let’s get it up 1982

• For those about to rock 1982

• Guns for hire 1983

• Flick of the switch 1983

• Danger 1985

• Shake your foundations 1986

• Who made who 1986

• Heatseeker 1988

• That's the way I wanna rock 'n' roll 1988

• Thundstruck 1990

• Money talks 1990

• Are you ready 1991

• Big gun 1993

• Hard as a rock 1995

• Cover you in oil 1996

• Dirty eyes 1997

• Stiff upper lip 2000

• Safe in New-York city 2000

• Satellite blues 2001

• Rock 'n' Roll train 2008

• Big Jack 2008

• Anything goes 2009

• Play ball 2014

• Rock or bust 2014

• Rock the blues away 2015

• Shot in the dark 2020

• Realize 2020

• Through the mists of time 2021


Clips :

1974 ... surreal images of little kids out of nowhere who don't look like much at the moment. But we feel that there is potential in this group, it's clear ...

1975 ... and potential, they have plenty of drawers. Well, they still have a bit of work to structure all of this, but it is coming. Slowly but surely...

1975 ... what is certain is that with them, it will be 10.000 % Rock. A sound orientation which will very quickly make them one of the biggest world references in the matter !

1975 ... and yes, the road to glory is long. But they approach it at the speed of light. Come on, just a few more years ...

1976 ... as long as their fame does not exceed Australia, which is the case for the moment, difficult to play in the big leagues. But Rome was not made in 1 day ...

1976 ... at the rate of 3 hits per year, the least we can say is that the group has a real talent which is just waiting to explode internationally. Patience, patience ...

1976 ... big year 1975, big year 1976, the group is clearly gaining momentum. But he still runs after his first planetary hit ...

1977 ... it's not the year 1977 that will change much. We will even go down a notch at the Australian Charts level. The group must pull together and quickly !

1977 ... the group does not deserve but the brilliant inspiration that can change everything is still unfortunately lacking. It will not be for this year ...

1978 ... and neither will it be for the year 1978. The first copy made in this new year is rather muddled and keeps the group at an insufficient level to hope to finally break into the International ...

1978 ... finally comes the long-awaited thinning. And especially the first planetary recognition. Certainly very shy, but it's always better than nothing !

1978 ... the start of planetary recognition which is confirmed with this title. The group has finally reached the minimum level which will allow him to hope for great things. Even very great things !

1979 ... then comes THIS title ! A HUGE title that will change everything and literally blow up the reputation of the group. Furious madmen simply sign here one of the biggest hits of the decade if not of this end of the XXth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... the dynamic momentum is now in place and the group just has to unfold. But this beginning of the 80s somewhat disappointed and the group did not really manage to capitalize on the enormous call for air created by the previous title

1980 ... the beginning of the year 80 was somewhat laborious, fortunately the end will be much happier. The group delivers here one of its most emblematic titles and becomes one of the biggest phenomena of the moment

1980 ... a little sweetness in brutality ... or soft force in action. Incredible but they can do it too when they want. You might as well take advantage of it because it will not often be the case ...

1980 ... the interplanetary hit that made them a definitive legend ! They confirm here a decidedly extraordinary talent and offer themselves a VIP seat in the musical Pantheon of the 80s at the same time. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1981 ... as paradoxical as it may seem, even if the group is one of the biggest phenomena of the moment, their level of classification in the Planetary Charts remains of top hit level, but not of mega hit. Go figure ...

1982 ... but hey, even a small top hit for them, it's a mega hit for all of the competition. Everything is in perspective especially when we see the level of success of this title which will remain as one of the biggest successes of all their discography. HU-GE !

1982 ... at full power ! It hits hard, very strong, to say the least. But with them, it's a constant !

1983 ... as much as 1982 was a great vintage, as much as 1983 will prove to be somewhat disappointing. The level of inspiration remains constant but without real innovations compared to previous years. The group is starting to have trouble renewing himself ...

1983 ... rock, rock, rock to the power of 1,000,000 ! But too much power kills power. The group will have to find a new breath and quickly !

1985 ... after an year 1984 when nothing much will happen, the group returns in force in this year 1985 and signs here a title with obvious inspiration. Phew !

1986 ... the level of inspiration between each title varies significantly and the result is strongly felt in the Charts. For this one, it will be rather 'a notch below' ...

1986 ... the group begins to settle down ... and at the same time delivers one of its titles among the most successful of the 80s. Like what, when they want, they can almost make pop-rock. Certainly muscular, but all the same !

1988 ... the ultra rock bases remain predominant all the same. But we feel that the sound of the group has changed. And rather in a good way at the sight of the impressive level of success achieved with this title !

1988 ... as soon as the level of inspiration drops a notch, the group plunges back directly into the Charts. What will be the case on this title ...

1990 ... they will have succeeded in crossing 3 decades while remaining in the leading pack. A feat that only the greatest will have been able to achieve !

1990 ... paradoxically, it is between the end of 80 and the beginning of 90 that they will reach their maximum level of success in the Charts. While their most emblematic songs will have emerged, them, in the early 80s. Surprisingly no ...

1991 ... after a year 1990 which will remain as one of the best vintages of the group, the year 1991 appears somewhat pale with an inspiration that will be described as minimalist ...

1993 ... the group even allows himself to do in the soundtrack of films and the least we can say is that it succeeds rather well. The proof with this new planetary mega hit found on the soundtrack of the movie 'Last action hero' ...

1995 ... small empty passage in 1994 and return in great shape in this year 1995. But a return in form which will be indeed the last unfortunately ...

1996 ... the level of inspiration weakens more and more and marginalizes the group more and more. Especially since this sound is no longer really trendy in the mid-1990s ...

1997 ... and this is not this title that will save the furniture. The group no longer finds its place in this new world musical order and its programmed disappearance becomes inevitable. Because, even if the group will return the decade after, it will never reach the level of excellence reached 10 years earlier ...

2000 ... he may never again reach the level reached 10 years ago but for the programmed disappearance, it is not for now, that is clear ...

2000 ... because they certainly do not intend to give up and admit defeat for all that. Okay, the level of success in Charts is plummeting but that doesn't bother them at all. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else ...

2001 ... it is clear that the decade 2000 will see them do more some figuration than anything else but they are far from being ridiculous, it is clear ...

2008 ... we were right to wonder about the rest of the events because the group will go through a big air gap of 7 years. So back in this year 2008 in a form that we will qualify as average ...

2008 ... the only problem with them is that they will not have known - or wanted - to evolve in terms of style and sound. AC/DC does AC/DC and does especially in ease, which necessarily marginalizes them de facto ...

2009 ... an end of the decade that really sees them struggling. The group is no more than a shadow of himself and even the grassroots fans no longer believe in it. It smells scorched all that ...

2014 ... but once again the Phoenix will rise from its ashes 5 years later with this title. A title which will reach an unexpected level of success and which will put the group back in the race in a totally improbable way...

2014 ... a BIG year 2014 with a band at its best this time around. It took them a long time to reverse the trend, but it is clear that they were capable of it !

2015 ... the rest will be much less favorable once again. With the key to a relapse for the less brutal in the Charts ...

2020 ... a new 5 years air gap and here they are again in the new 2020 decade. The decade of too many ? Oh no, they sign here one of their biggest successes. Who would've believed that ?!

2020 ... as very often with them, the relapse will be as dazzling as the return to favor on the previous title. Times are getting harder and harder as they say ...

2021 ... here they are again, again and again ! Who could say if they will still be here in 10 years ? Nobody of course but with them, what is certain is that nothing is ever finished !


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