It feels like it’s starting to rain

TV21 is an English group formed in Ormskirk in 1979 and originally composed of Norman Rodger, Ally Palmer, Nel Baldwin and Rob Tasker. Which will be quickly joined by Colin McLean.

The name of the group is a reference to the weekly Century 21 TV adventure comic featuring comics based on numerous shows produced by Gerry Anderson (the same one who originated the Thunderbirds TV series).

A group that will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for the high-caliber single "Ticking away" released in 1981.

As such, they deserved this article.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Playing with fire 1980

  • Ambition 1980

  • This is zéro 1981

  • Snakes and ladders 1981

  • On the run (Who’s gonna get me first) 1981

  • Ticking away 1981

  • What’s going on ? 1981

  • End of a dream 1981

  • It feels like it’s starting to rain 1981

  • Waiting for the drop 1981

  • All join hands 1982

  • Look to the sun 2009

Clips :

1980 ... a start on the hats of wheel that comes close to leaving directly the road. Attention gentlemen, do not confuse speed and haste ...

1980 ... tempo side, it doesn't really get better. The group decided to play it in high-voltage mode but not sure that this is the best way to attract the general public ...

1981 ... style and sound are trendy but it is the level of inspiration that is somewhat lacking. Can and must do better !

1981 ... a level of inspiration that they are really going to have a hard time raising. A career that will unfortunately turn out to be much shorter than expected ...

1981 ... most of the production of the group's titles will be in 1981, the release date of their only album in the 1980s. Take it or leave it as they say ...

1981 ... no title will win the cup but it is this title that will stand out somewhat. Nothing exceptional but a good job, quite simply ...

1981 ... a shooting star group which did not know how to vary its sound and which paid a heavy price for it. Too bad because there was potential, that's for sure ...

1981 ... anyway, the group will not be ashamed of its production. Certainly he could have done better but fate will have decided otherwise ...

1981 ... it still happens that they slow down a bit. In an ocean of supercharged titles, a little sweetness doesn't hurt, on the contrary ...

1981 ... 90% boosted titles for only 10% softer titles. Too great an imbalance that will necessarily have penalized them ...

1982 ... an adventure which is already drawing to a close. The group will not have been able to find its place in the face of excessive competition which will not have given them any gift. Hard law of the trade ...

2009 ... we thought the case was folded and here they are back in the 2000s in a surprising way to say the least. With a result that will unfortunately not be better than during the 80s ...

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