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It doesn’t have to be this way...

The Blow Monkeys is an English group formed in 1981 by Dr. Robert, born Bruce Robert Howard. Mick Anker, Neville Henry and Tony Kiley will be added thereafter.

The first single "Live today love tomorrow" was released in 1982 and was only a resounding success.

The first album "Limping for a generation" was released in 1984 and the result was hardly more convincing.

It was not until 1986 that things really accelerated with the release of the single hit "Digging your scene" from the album "Animal magic". This time, it's a hit ! The reputation of the group explodes.

They re-offend in 1987 with the album "She was only a grocer’s daughter" which will extract the top "It doesn’t have to be this way".

Two years will pass before they find the heights of the Hits with the single "Wait" from the album "Whoops! There goes the neighborhood".

The adventure ended in 1990 when the group separated after almost a decade of hits and very good titles.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...):

• Live today love tomorrow 1982

• The man from Russia 1984

• Atomic lullaby 1984

• Wildflower 1985

• Forbidden fruit 1985

• Digging your scene 1986

• Wicked ways 1986

• Don't be scared of me 1986

• It doesn’t have to be this way 1987

• Out with her 1987

• (Celebrate) The day after you 1987

• Some kind of wonderful 1987

• This is your life 1988

• It pays to belong 1988

• Wait 1989

• This is your life 1989

• Choice? 1989

• Slaves no more 1989

• Springtime for the world 1990

• Feels like a new morning 2013

• Crying for the moon 2017


Clips :

1982 ... a promising start. Things are falling into place but there is still a bit of work. We will therefore have to be a little more patient before going to tease the competition ...

1984 ... after a slight air gap in 1983, here they are back in 1984, and the least we can say is that they have worked well for the little guys. Literally metamorphosed !

1984 ... the metamorphosis is total. Inspiration, style, sound, everything is trendy. So we imagine that at some point, something big will happen !

1985 ... quality on the rise, that's obvious. This time, the group has indeed found the style that will make its reputation and is therefore about to unfold. And to unfold, it will unfold !

1985 ... the first title classified. We felt that something was going to happen and their efforts are finally starting to bear fruit. Especially when you see the enormous suite looming on the horizon !

1986 ... then, suddenly, the dazzling stroke of genius which allows them to produce THIS title of very very large caliber. A title which propels them One Shot to the rank of planetary stars and offers them at the same time the biggest success of their entire career. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... a nice suite but which cannot compete with the previous steamroller. Either way, the momentum for success is set in motion for good !

1986 ... the 'little' hit of the year but the 3rd all the same. A year 1986 which saw them reach a level of Premium notoriety and made them one of the phenomena of the moment !

1987 ... they confirm with THIS title all the good one could think of them. A title that definitely consecrates them as one of the best English bands of the decade and this in an undeniable way ! HU-GE !

1987 ... a sweet break in an ocean of Dance titles. And my faith, it works perfectly too. Versatile little guys !

1987 ... after an exceptional year 1986 in all respects, the group allows himself the luxury of producing 4 heavy gauge titles in this year 1987, just that. At the top of their possibilities the little guys !

1987 ... a year that ended in style with this particularly rhythmic title ! A year 1987 which will have seen them confirm their heavyweight status of the moment with an obvious ease !

1988 ... a first version of this title which is already serious. But the remix which will be released the following year in 1989 will be even stronger. Yes Yes, it's possible !

1988 ... another excellent title which will be somewhat overlooked by the public but which largely holds its rank. Sometimes you shouldn't try to understand why certain titles don't work ...

1989 ... in Hi-NRG mode and in duet. It rocks, to say the least ! And above all it pays cash in the Charts with a good big hit at the end !

1989 ... and here comes the remixed version of 'This is your life'. Surely one of their best titles, if not the best of all their discography ! MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... in House mode. Precursors the little guys because we are only in 1989 ... Unfortunately, this will be - already - their last big hit. After 3 years at the top of the bill, the group will unfortunately begin a decline that will be impossible to stop in the years that follow ...

1989 ... for the moment, the decline is not underway and the group continues to produce titles with more than certain quality. That's already what we say !

1990 ... a change of decade that rhymes with end of adventure. The end of a magnificent adventure which will have consecrated them as one of the most gifted groups of its generation !

1990 ... come on, the adventure by itself is not quite over. It is especially the adventure in the Charts that ends with this title ...

2008 ... eighteen years will pass between this title and the previous title. We thought the case was definitely over but it was bad to know them because here they are again ...

2008 ... now remains to be seen what they now have to offer. Because coming back to do only some figuration doesn't mean much ...

2011 ... what is clear is that their return in 2008 did not work miracles. The style of the group is really too out of step with the new trends of the moment and it will be extremely difficult for them to catch up with the leading pack in these conditions ...

2011 ... all that was their strength was their unbridled style that they offered us during the 1980s. But what happened, frankly one wonders ...

2013 ... the albums come out one after the other, but the general public has been looking elsewhere for a long time. We really wonder what the group is running after now ...

2013 ... we would have loved to see them regain their level of inspiration from the start of their careers. Unfortunately even if no title really demerits, the group is no longer able to fight on equal terms with the competition of the 2010s ...

2013 ... we can always believe in a miracle but in their case there will not be. They will have to be content to continue their adventure away from the spotlight ...

2014 ... some titles will be a little more inspired than others. This would rather be one of the good surprises. Like what, when they want ...

2015 ... nothing, and no one, is able to stop their momentum at first sight. They will have taken a long time to restart but now that it is done, they will go to the end. What for, we do not really know ...

2015 ... at first glance, their only goal now is to simply have fun playing together. And frankly, who would blame them ...

2017 ... yes, they will never return to the big leagues, but what they are offering in this 2010 decade is far from being ridiculous. Good before, good all the time !

2017 ... a decade of 2010 which will see them produce an impressive number of singles. Afterwards, none will succeed in really standing out from the crowd. Hard law of the trade ...

2017 ... they continue to believe in it anyway, regardless of the obstacles and disillusions. A bias that necessarily forces respect ...

2020 ... and here they are attacking the 2020 decade, who would have believed it ? We thought the group was definitely lost in 1990 and 20 years later he is still there. We therefore imagine that we risk finding them later ...


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