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It comes and goes...

Liane Foly, real name Eliane Falliex, is a French singer who really started her artistic career at the age of 12, in 1974, singing in the family orchestra Black and White. Orchestra which occurs in the dancing parties of Saturday evening near Lyon.

But it was a year later, in 1975, that things got serious when she won her debut vocal competition with a cover of a track by Karen Cheryl.

All the same, she will have to wait another 9 years and the year 1984 to meet the right people, namely Philippe Viennet, author of his profession, and André Manoukian, pianist and producer, two providential men who will take the singer in hand and help her make his first models.

A collaboration which allows her to release a first single "Besoin de toi" in 1985. Single which unfortunately goes completely unnoticed.

Another providential meeting in 1987, this time with the artistic director of Virgin France, Fabrice Nataf. Which identifies in her an obvious potential and allows her to release a new single called "Ca va ça vient" a year later in 1988. A title that will make a real hit in France and propel the young singer in a sensational way on the front of the stage. Year 1988 which also sees the release of his first album "The man I love".

A particularly prosperous end of the decade for the young singer, who was offered the first part of his show by Claude Nougaro a year later in 1989. She thus climbs for the first time on the stage of the Olympia and meets there a real success.

The transition to the following decade was combined with the release in 1990 of her new album “Rêve orange”. Album from which will be extracted one of the singer’s biggest discographic successes, namely the sumptuous "Au fur et à mesure". The singer then becomes one of the biggest phenomena of the moment in France.

We will have to wait until 1993 to see the release of the next album "Les petites notes". The album is of good quality but the success is less than for the previous album. Album from which will be extracted mainly the single "Doucement".

Four years passed before the release in 1997 of her new album "Caméléon". Just like his predecessor, he fails to produce a major hit despite the presence of high caliber singles like "C'est bon d'aimer", "De l'autre côté du temps" and "L'amour est fort" .

Paradoxically, it is an album of covers which will allow her in 1999 to rebound in a spectacular way. The album "Acoustique" which came out that year includes a splendid cover of Daniel Balavoine's title "La vie ne m'apprend rien". A copy that will almost match the original and really restore the singer's image.

An unexpected rebound that will allow her to enter the next decade in the best conditions. But that's another story…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Besoin de toi 1985

  • Ca va, ça vient 1988

  • Love me love moi 1988

  • Chéri 1989

  • Goodbye lover 1990

  • Au fur et à mesure 1990

  • Va savoir 1991

  • Rêve orange 1991

  • Be my boy 1991

  • Doucement 1993

  • Laisse pleurer les nuages 1993

  • Les yeux doux 1994

  • C’est bon d’aimer 1997

  • L’amour est fort 1997

  • De l’autre côté du temps 1997

  • La vie ne m’apprend rien 1999


Clips :

1985 ... the first steps of the one who will become in a few years one of the greatest singers of the end of the XXth century on the French side. The 80s to hatch, the 90s to explode ...

1988 ... then THIS title comes ! It took her 3 years to produce this title but it was worth the wait, that's clear ! Her career really starts with this title, a title that will literally explode her notoriety overnight. HU-GE !

1988 ... a sequel which will not necessarily have the same level of success as the previous title but which proves that the singer's career is well and truly launched

1989 ... the singer becomes one of the phenomena of the end of the decade and it's gone to last ! In an atypical style that stands out from the competition, she now traces its furrow in an impressive way !

1990 ... the rise in power is linear and now positions the singer in the very closed square of the sure values of the moment. A dazzling progression to say the least !

1990 ... this title will definitely allow her to touch the stars ! She signs here an absolutely sumptuous title, all roundness and finesse and which definitively consecrates her as one of the greatest singers of the moment. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... a most daring jazzy positioning for an era when everything is electronic. Anyway, it works out pretty well, to say the least !

1991 ... she displays a versatility worthy of the greatest. As good in Dance as in Pure Intimist, her talent is multiple and indisputably positions her well above the fray !

1991 ... a BIG year 1991 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. This time, she plays it to us in a shocking duo mode, but above all charming, on a Dance title which works very well. All good !

1993 ... a new sweet parenthesis with this very inspiring title. She will have established herself in a few years as one of the undisputed queens of this very special field. A know-how more than obvious !

1993 ... she miraculously manages to combine musical influences from the past with new trends. Surely one of the few to be able to do it so brilliantly !

1994 ... despite a talent more than obvious, the second part of decade 90 will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected. His jazzy style will eventually get bored ...

1997 ... a change in hand is necessary and above all a complete reorientation in terms of style and sound. It's done with this title !

1997 ... the intention is good but the effects on the public are modest. The singer is at a turning point in her career and the rest will damn condition her rebirth or her pure and simple disappearance ...

1997 ... Intimist side, she excels as always but the public expects something else from her at the end of the decade. She must therefore reinvent herself and quickly ...

1999 ... an extremely risky bet but a bet won hands down ! She dares to use Balavoine and the result is simply stunning to the point that the copy will almost exceed the original. Like what it was not enough to see her come back in a shattering way on the front of the stage. A comeback that will be confirmed over the following decade and in a very beautiful way !


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